The best online course for the beginners as reviewed by the students of the "White Mirror" School
You do not feel the energy.

You cannot uncover the clairvoyance.

You cannot concentrate in meditation.

If these statements are true for you, then this course of 40 days of proper meditation practices will provide you with basic fundamental knowledge that will relentlessly support you in life!
40 days
You will need to study the basic skills of Zazen meditation.
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Online delivery
Study anywhere you choose, anytime
During this course you will acquire necessary meditation skills and will be able to notice positive changes in your wellbeing and perception of life
This course is suitable for
Complete beginners and advanced students
Those who are ready to change
Those who understand the true value of investing their dedication, time and money into self-development
Those who are ready to accept new information
Those who want to develop and improve
Right after a couple of minutes in meditation your mind gets occupied with irrelevant thoughts, conversations and questions. You attention is out of focus and has lead you away from your goal. Have you noticed this happening to you?

Or it may happen that you are on your way to self-development, have got some attunements and initiations, but you are still unsure whether you do everything correctly and this is the reason of your problems with the meditation practice. Any techniques that I teach my students help to improve your energy vision.

What is the reason that your vision does not open immediately?

You do not believe in yourself! Your internal conflicts and internal imbalance of your founding structure lead to anxiety and various mental fixations that consume an enormous amount of energy. Therefore, your energy vision and information perception are blocked.

However, as soon as you are able to calm down and practice correctly, you start to feel the energy, and your vision uncovers. You are then able to perceive information from the world.

Valentin Voronin
Founder of the "White Mirror" self-development school
I urge you to stop!

I deliver this course to teach you correct meditation practices and attention control.
When you complete the course,
You will acquire the fundamental knowledge which will relentlessly support you;
You will be able to properly distribute the attention on your internal processes;
You will be able to boost the efficiency of the attunements and initiations you have already received;
You will be able to perceive and feel the energies, and decode internal and external information;
You will master the technique of stopping the internal dialogue;
You will stabilize your emotions;
You will understand the way frequencies work with your own energy field structure;
You will learn to balance yourself, still your mind and activate your own energy channel.
You will master the nuances of breathing and body position
Get answers to many of your questions.
How is the course delivered?
Purchase one or all lectures
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Control your attention
You will participate in a meditation practice together with the Master in a resonance.
Move at your own pace
You will be able to practice this course anywhere in the world, anytime, moving from one lecture to the other step by step.
The lectures # 3, 9, 12, 18, 21, 22, 33, 40 are essential.

These lectures include initiations of various energies into the field structures of the participants. These energies will provide you with specific knowledge and wisdom that will enable you to practice the tools you have received for self-healing.


One lecture in the order of course delivery
The whole course of 40 lecture
The course is conducted by

Valentin Voronin
Meditation Teacher, Healer

Enables his students to follow the way of transformation and self-development.

Performs diagnostics of the chakra system and the human energy field, eliminates physical and mental problems of a person and balances them.

Conducts group seminars, individual consultations and face-to-face and remote personal sessions.

Travels the world and conducts retreats in the sacred places of power.

See you in the course!
Begin your path to a harmonious spiritual life.
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