A short practical guide to
how to start your inner changes and improve your life.
This course is for you if
at least 1 belief is true:
  • My life is very boring, nothing happens and I want to change the situation.
  • I'm trying to improve myself, but it's like I'm standing still.
  • I work with psychological and osteopathic techniques, but I find that it often doesn't work.
  • I grab onto a lot of practices and masters in self-development, but then I burn out.
  • I don't have time for self-development and meditation.
  • I study a lot of information about self-development, but I can't build a single structure in my head.
  • I know that there are different energies, but the concept of "Initiation" is not familiar to me, I don't understand why it is.
  • I think it's too late to start self-development.
Course program
1 day
2 day
Energy and its Relationship with Personality
3 day
Knowledge Transfer Methods
Even if you think you know everything, the course will still be useful!
How does the online course work?
The classes will last 3 days and each of them will include.
  • Lectures
    3 videos, 1-1.5 hours each
    You will receive lectures with the theoretical part of the course after payment. A manager will contact you and give you a private link to YouTube.
    You will have access to the recording for 14 days.
  • Practice

    Techniques and Additional Materials
    At the end of each lecture you will receive a practical task to reinforce the material or recommendations for additional literature
  • Support
    Chat Telegram
    You will be added to the Telegram chat, where you can exchange your knowledge, ask clarifying questions and receive support from our managers and more experienced students of the School
If you've been waiting for a good opportunity to invest in your self-development, this is it!
Cost: 500 rubles
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This online course appeared thanks to your feedback and requests: often people do not understand where to start their path of self-development, how to understand the teachings, what initiations in energy are, what they are needed for.

When deciding to purchase a course, many are afraid to give their money for a dud, for useless information. Or they don't understand what kind of energy flows people receive in our further courses.

I decided to create a course that will be understandable to absolutely every person and will cover the primary fears before starting training.

The course "Self-development. The Beginning" is a 3-day intensive course, which structurally lays out the basics for understanding what a person's self-development is built on. You will be able to put the acquired knowledge into practice right during the course and begin transformational work on yourself with the help of simple practical tasks.

This course will allow you to learn in a short time the basic things to start your self-development.

Valentin Voronin
Founder of the School of Self-Development "White Mirror"
Valentin Voronin
Balances and harmonizes the whole entire system,cleanses, and gets rid of energy informal damages, which brings human organism to a healthy and balanced state.
Teaches seminars, courses and how to independently work with your energy body.
Travels the world and holds retreats in places of power.
Determines and diagnoses the state of the chakral system, presence of negative channels and programs.
Magister of Psychology.
Practicing Master-Teacher since 2006.
School of self-development
"White Mirror" is a comprehensive approach to Human Growth and Development
  • Everything that Valentin gives is worth it. I can honestly say that. Started with "inner smile" (from the website), then Reiki 1 and level 2, attended one of the retreats (impossible to describe and put into words – it's nothing like I experienced before). This course is amazing. Very informative. Pretty sure anyone who's new or an experienced student has been able to find new knowledge. The energies are magical! From the moment I got my attunement, I was able to do what I have't been able to do for the last 5 months using Cosmoemergy and year and half using Reiki. I am very thankful, once again, to Valentin and all that he has done, just as I am grateful at the end of every practice with him. Wishing everyone harmony and love.
    Serge Korotaev
  • First I began to feel something, people's energy, places and then met with different esoteric practices to see what it is I feel and what to do with it. I learned from different schools, read a lot of books, but the only thing I saw was theory…But Valentin is a practitioner with results that speak for themselves. At first, I was enjoying the feelings and sensations from the new energies and flows, and only now I understand that the goal isn't feelings but the fact that we can change ourselves and our lives with such powerful instruments! And also, I finally understood, which side I am on ... ) Before I tried various magical practices but there, everything was on very low vibrations, it wasn't very pleasant…
    Svetlana Tsiganova
  • Valentin, thank you, for this course. Despite my age, for the first time I am in the role of a student at such an event. I was pleasantly surprised, how much I resonated with everything you said in your lectures. The powerful frequencies and energies you translate, they are wonderful for working with yourself. I just started and I want to keep going. It's a bit daunting how much information and depth is in the knowledge. This was such a gift for me, thank you.
  • Thank you Valentin for this incredible course! Information is laid out very clearly, detailed, there is a lot of information. The energies are very powerful, this is an excellent instrument for growth and improvement of myself. Endless gratitude for this gift. Always feel the sincerity and authenticity from you as well as your support, you make this world better. Wishing you further growth and success of the school.
  • I, like everyone else, want to thank Valentin and the universe for the opportunity to be able to learn. The course turned out to be very informative, even if it didn't have any practices or attunements, it would still be incredibly full of information. I re-listen to everything multiple times. Can even write down every word with a pen. Lots of things become very clear, its as if you already knew this, there is no surprise, and it wasn't there when I first came in contact with Valentin on youtube. There was an understanding that this is it! Finally, someone explains everything. That's why we all gathered here, just like me in search of miraculous, more specifically understanding of myself, maybe everyone has their own, but there is only one path and we all started on it, someone sooner, others later. I, already want to receive all the attunements, but I decided to first fully understand these 5 energy flows. As Valentin said, slowly move forwards, and I completely agree with him. Don't have any strong sensations as of yet, but sometimes I get into the state of feeling the "volume" and my body expands, but not always. I do everything while sitting down, but yesterday I decided to stand during the practice under the Shakti flow. Our house is cold, no heat, otherwise it becomes too hot and dry. In other words while moving around – normal. If you sit still, it becomes too cold. Activated Shakti flow. Began to feel warmth, then hot sensations, higher and higher, not fast, but slowly, top of the body was cold but the bottom of the body was burning. Then it rose higher and the whole body was feeling hot. Then I began to feel nauseous. Not the nausea from the stomach, but from the diaphragm. Don't think I stood for very long, but did the best I could. I turned off the flow and laid down for a bit, then sat under Sattva. I have a lot of insults, I can't do anything with them myself, but now, I hope I can do something with them. I get a lot of images and memories, but I am not sure if they are getting unpacked or not, feels like the mind is warming up so far, it tries to clean up the trash that was hidden away in all dark corners. Looks like I may be experiencing this again. The rest of the flows, the sensations are very calming, non WOW affects. What the others are saying is awesome, and that you share this information with newbies. We value it. Thank you. And again thank you Valentin for priceless information. Goodness and Love.
    Olga Pozdnyakova
  • Finished the lessons… and a little upset that there won't be more meetings, BUT! There is so much warmth left!! Want to express my deep gratitude to YOU, THANK YOU! For your patience… for your love… for your humor…for your knowledge!!!!! And yes, the energies that you give, they are very powerful! When my son is sick, his temperature rises, almost to 40C and falls back down after an hour and a halt to 38.5. It's always like this all night and all day. I activated Bodhisattva Reiki for about 15 minutes and that's all it took. After 30 minutes the temp was back down to normal and never rose back up. I had an attunement into Reiki level 1 from a different master. But the power I experienced from Bodhisattva Reiki I never felt anywhere. The feeling, that the flow covers you whole, palms are on fire. If this could be seen, it would look like rays coming from the palms. During the lessons, listening to you and simultaneously doing what you say, the physical world leaves and you are transferred into another dimension… and you know inside is calm and warm. Total trust. Will keep working hard. And will attend your retreat.
  • Saw Valentin on Youtube. Immediately liked his way of thinking. Decided to attend the online course. The result exceeded all my expectations. Immediately I felt a lot of energy and some of the physical pains went away. For example, for a few years I experienced pain in my spine and during yoga I used to get headaches. All this went away after the course. Now I want to keep going and receive attunement into Astrological Matrixes. I recommend Valentin to everyone I know. And honestly, I am still a little in shock, this is something completely new to me and I already feel energy from these flows. Such warmth all over the body, like after exercising, and this method is surprising, that you just simply say a phrase and it activates. No need to physically strain yourself. Valentin is very approachable and no one explains things the way he does.
  • I've been in "White Mirror" for about 5 months now. Course "New Power Transfer" turned out to be quite useful! I think that the knowledge that Valentin shares in this course, every single person should have! This is the foundation, this is what everyone should know! New energy flows Sattva and Shakti are very powerful, very good at cleansing female and male ancestral sides. Systemic Constellations which are done all inside your field – are simply awesome! Really helps to unpack your traumas and let go of those "stagnant pieces of trash" which are so hard to let go. Clear presentation, plenty of humor and needed knowledge – this is what you will receive in this course! Deeply grateful to Valentin for this opportunity to meet the world of energy!!
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