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exercise and meditation

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Upgrade yourself without leaving your home!
Who is this course for:
for those who are looking for knowledge about the human energy structure, but do not know where to start;
for those who are at the beginning of the path to studying energy, cosmoenergy and working with the aura;
for those who have already studied cosmocenergetics, Reiki or other methods working with the energy field;
for those who want to learn how to protect themselves from negative influences and fill themselves with energy every day;
for those who want to get structured knowledge about human energy, and begin to apply them in life right now.
In this retreat you will find lectures and meditations for all areas of life!
Each of these practices is a powerful tool to unlock your energy potential.
The synthesis of these practices is a unique opportunity to grasp the essence of your nature and expand the boundaries of perception of the world.
Get valuable knowledge and experience!
Become a member of the Retreat with Valentin Voronin!

Pay for Online Retreat
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The course will last for 11 days. Live introductory lecture on the first day. It consists of 20 lessons in the video, 2 lessons per day.

Classes include theoretical lectures, physical exercises, meditation on cleansing and balancing, learning how to work with the frequencies of the Pearl Set of Coesmoenergy. And there is a nice bonus - excursions to places of power of the island of Samui online.

There is a video recording for each lesson. In addition, there will be an initiation to the Pearl Set of Cosmoenergy. Tuning will be for everyone online.

Looking forward to see you!
Valentin Voronin
Founder of Self-development School "White Mirror"
A retreat you can afford
without leaving home!
Cost : 450$
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About the master
Valentin Voronin
Spiritual Coach, Practitioner, Master of Cosmoenergy, Reiki Master, Osteopath, Meditation Teacher, Traveler
Founder of the White Mirror School of self-development

Diagnoses the chakral system, the energy field of a person, and harmonizes physical and mental condition of people.

Conducts group classes, individual consultations, healing sessions - personally and remotely.

Travels the World and conducts Retreats in sacred places of power.

Learn more about Valentin Voronin on our YouTube channel
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