Diagnosis and cleansing of the energy field shells and the chakral system in any part of the world.
With Valentin Voronin
Cost of an individual online-session - 260 000
To receive a consultation please speak to our manager before sending payment
Diagnosis of external energy-informational damages in a person's energy field structure and their cleansing, as well as balancing and harmonizing of the endocrine system, body meridian system, chakral system with continuing work lasting 1 month.

Valentine will perform work after every 2 days. In extreme cases – every other day.

During every session Valentine first checks for external energy-informational damages and gets rid of them, followed by the balancing of the whole energy field structure of a person.

Works to restore and increase potentials of the organs, system and structures of the human body.

Performs biodynamic and cosmoenergetic remote work for a quick improvement and activation of a positive resourceful state of a person.
Individual online-session with Valentin Voronin includes:
Valentin Voronin will diagnose the state of your energy field shells remotely, all that is needed is a picture of yourself (a selfie) and a full standing picture (see below)

If energy-informational breakthroughs, negative channels, black magic are found in the energy field, Valentin will cleanse and get rid of it.
Valentin works with your energy field using your picture. You may feel warmth in different parts of the body, relaxation of the muscles, waves of emotions, vibrations. All these processes accompany release of negative energy and taking off the energy blocks.
Schedule a time
Speak to our manager about a convenient date and time for an online-session. Session may last up to 1 hour.
Photos must be taken no more than one day before a session.
Take a fresh selfie / portrait against a plain background, making sure the whole face and top of the head is fully visible and not cut off. Photo must be taken without glasses, without makeup, eyes straight into the camera. Smiling is not needed.
Take a full standing photo with arms spread to the side. It's important that hands and feet are not cut out of the picture.
Get ready
During a session, it's recommended to take up a comfortable and relaxing body position and watch and observe feelings in your body. Thoughts should be concentrated on the problem you want to solve.
Harmony and balance of energy field
shells – the best that you can do for your body.
Before paying for a consultation, speak to our manager. A quick chat and approvement is needed before work can be performed.
If you don't find your answers below, please contact our managers.
  • Question
    How does a session work and how long does it last?
    Session takes please remotely, online, from 1 and half to 2 hours via WhatsApp.
    You need to send a photo and just before the session sit into meditation "Hollow Bamboo."
    (If sitting becomes hard, you may lay down)
  • Question
    How will Valentine give me feedback?
    Valentin will leave a reply or an audio message.
  • Question
    Can I change the date if something changes on my end?
    Yes, let our managers know in advance (minimum of 24 hours) and we will reschedule to a new time and day.
  • Question
    When can I make a payment?
    Whenever it's convenient for you, however, the schedule fills up quickly. We can schedule a time and day after payment is received.
  • Question
    Will I be able to speak to Valentin?
    You will be able to explain to Valentin – what worries you, what you would like to work with, why you scheduled a consultation. Valentin may ask you to describe your sensations and observations during or after the consultation.
  • Question
    I want to book a healing session for my mother, brother, daughter, etc. Is this possible?
    This is possible only if the other person agrees to a healing session. If they agree – we can schedule the best time and date. If the work is to be done with a child under 14 years of age, we first check the mother of the child. Our manager will be able to explain everything to you in detail.
  • Question
    What did Valentin diagnose and see? Did it work or is another session needed? What to expect?
    After the work is completed, Valentin will inform you. He may ask you about how you feel.
    Sometimes he may explain your state and your current situation and what you should be working on. If additional sessions are needed, Valentin will inform you after the first consultation.
  • Question
    What time do consultations and sessions take place?
    We try to pick the best possible time and date for you. However, Valentine travels a lot and due to time differences, consultations may take place at different hours of the day.
  • Question
    Can I make a payment in multiple parts?
    In some cases, this is possible. Please speak to our managers for possible options. If you already discussed this with Valentin and he agreed, please send a screenshot or the message to the managers.
  • Question
    Can I schedule a session now but pay closer to the day and time of the session?
  • Question
    Does Valentin need to see me during a session?
    No, video call is not needed. Only a photograph.
  • Question
    I am recording my feelings and observations into a notebook. Who do I send it to? To Valentin?
    A notebook or a diary is needed for you to more closely monitor your personal progress. No need to send it to anyone, but you may refer to it during a consultation.