Valentin Voronin
The purpose of any person is life. And the chain of events happening around you depends on what you really know how to do in this life. Often a person cannot break out of a vicious circle, and therefore cannot independently choose the course and movement through life. After all, from childhood there is an expectation of adulthood, when it will finally be possible to do "adult things". Gradually, these "things" pile up, and the person already finds himself in a viscous social sphere and does not belong to himself - he is led by large numbers, closed circuits, and mathematics.

In order to stop being an average person who sits at work from Monday to Friday, rests for two days and goes through "Groundhog Day" again, you need to have a rebellious essence - to have the courage to one day say to yourself: "I want it differently, not like everyone else." " And if a person has already begun this path of light, it means that somewhere inside him there is already deep darkness. Against this background, any perception is acutely felt. This means that there must be such monumental silence inside my head that I can even see my thoughts. At such a moment, you need to ignore your ego, which dictates desires, and focus on perception and observation.

Just 12 seconds in the right position of consciousness is enough to become a Buddha. Personally, I approached this line more than once, but I experienced terrible fear. It's a feeling of burning, a feeling of complete end, of death. An extremely unpleasant condition, a kind of point of no return, which will continue to develop anyway. The gods strive to live through people, to feel, to see, to enjoy the beauty of this world, to experience emotions, to live... A person driven into a corner and not understanding why he lives here strives for enlightenment. Yes, it's a paradox. Because the meaning of life is in life itself. There are no other purposes. There are your possibilities. And we always see this in real life. If a person has any talents and abilities, he shows them as best he can.

Successful people first of all know how to manage their intentions, set goals and achieve results. They consciously motivate themselves by the fact that if they do not achieve their goal, they lose something valuable. But everything is much simpler: we begin to appreciate something most often when we lose it.

It's the same with life, and even with sanity. You will not be able to advance anywhere while remaining an adequate person. To begin to see or perceive something new, you must shift from your usual position of perceiving this world, that is, enter an altered state of consciousness (ASC). When this becomes a habit for you, then certain doors begin to open. By staying more and more in the ASC (which is achieved not through psychotropic substances such as pills, smoking, but by controlling your endocrine system), you have the opportunity to influence your own body and psyche, to understand where you were subjected to hypnosis or an imposed opinion. It's quite possible to make such programs - there are specialized books, techniques, and practices.

Using them, any person sooner or later comes to understand himself. And then it becomes clear that there is no reason to search for purpose. There is no purpose itself. There is you and your life. If you want to develop or gain any abilities, you just need to study, pay attention to it, interact more and more with the Source that you need. It's that simple.

In our reality there is energy and any information emanating from certain Sources. They are different - both in quality and in the structure of the information provided. For example, how many people are there who touch the "Apology of Socrates", the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, anatomy... but how well are these people informed about the structure of their own physical body? Biochemical processes affecting human anatomy occur through the control of intention and the influence of certain emotional shifts.

What if we calmly sat opposite our best friend or loved one and smiled back at him? Imagine that the Earth is a person close to you who nourishes you and you sincerely smile at him and thank him. And then more energy, more strength comes to you. Yes, if there are internal disturbances, they also begin to "sound" more strongly, because there is more energy. But this just gives a chance to quickly see these violations, work on them and move on.

Imagine that there is some information phenomenon that feeds your cells, which gives this image to your body - something that reads DNA. What condition are your organs, tissues, cells, what disorders are there, what level are you at, your growth and development, your potential. Whatever information there is about a person, it is in his information cell. You just need to smile at it, this cell, understand and accept that it really exists somewhere in the Universe...

Man is complex. For several years of their lives, people study anatomy and Chinese medicine, various manual techniques. But without ISS, this knowledge will not work. In this state, the osteopath reads the "subtle" information of human tissue. Of course, this information greatly influences the person himself. If we collect DNA samples from all over the planet, it won't be that difficult to influence them. Essentially any information can be superimposed on this image.

Therefore, at present, there is increasing interest in techniques that allow one to recognize negative channels within oneself, learn to find appropriate mechanisms for working them out and, of course, restoring them, while launching the process of positive growth and development. And for this we need another Source. Understanding one's Source comes only when a person regularly interacts with those authors through whom these Sources came into our world. Be it Vivekananda, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Ramakrishna and other deep people. After all, they have been thinking about many questions of the universe for decades.

When you come into your own practice, you personally come into contact with your Source, power and with your own eyes you begin to see the flow of brilliant ideas that simply exist - you can take them, pass them through yourself and embody them in this world. Or you can look for that very purpose, relying on the advice of an astrologer...

Understand, there is only one purpose: just to live. Learn what you want to have. Let it be an excellent memory, a sharp mind, intelligence, flexibility, physical strength. If you regularly do certain techniques based on your goal, you will definitely get results. You can do anything - the main thing is as long as you have enough. After all, the difficulty of every practice lies precisely in the fact that it must be done. And only those techniques that become an integral part of your life will eventually begin to grow in you as true professionalism.

In the meantime, we are still rushing around with ideas about who we are, why we live, where we need to go, what we need to do - life passes. Many people really believe that there will be someone who will give you answers to these questions. Believe me, most often this "someone" himself does not know who he is and where he is going. To give advice to others, you need to find yourself.

At the same time, we know that information exists, which means there is an opportunity to change the situation through that very information cell, through the frequencies of Cosmoenergetics, through a person's internal self-conviction. Yes, there are various auto-trainings and installations. But if auto-training is hypnotizing oneself, then meditation and observing oneself as an "empty bamboo" is, on the contrary, dehypnotization. You simply remain silent, do not react to external stimuli, thoughts and desires. You stay where you are. And then external programs begin to collapse.

The wisdom that manifests itself in a person does not come from somewhere. It appears as a result of cleansing of mental debris. Each person is smart, wise and good in himself. And its true nature is happiness. But the fact is that people have hidden themselves in various beliefs about what the world is like, who they themselves are, how to fight and butt heads to achieve their goal... After all, how they were taught is how they manifest themselves.

But if a person finally encounters a Source that tells him how to act differently, then the person begins to live differently. But in order to recognize this Source, take it seriously and go to work on yourself, you need to have the greatest inner hunger. To comprehend what a person really needs on this Earth, an internal search is necessary. If this thirst is not there, there is no total determination to give up everything and finally figure out this issue, then all this will be at the level of fashion or hobby.

There are things that need to be carefully studied. It may be difficult, boring... But if you manage to combine knowledge with information, you will eventually get a truly working scheme, working mechanisms, healing. This is especially important in the era of a pandemic. There is nothing more valuable in life than life itself. Agree, no benefits will give anything if a person is sick. If, for example, he is lying down and cannot get up, why does he need houses, money, cars or status...

Health (both mental and physical) is the most valuable resource. Not money, not power, not strength, but health.

Thank you.

Light and Love.