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Meditation Inner smile

"Inner smile" is a basic technique and can be practiced in any condition, body position or mood of mind. However, many people have questions about its implementation.

The technique for performing the “Inner Smile” is extremely simple. You sit down in meditation and must generate the feeling of a smile within yourself. It starts from the heart center and spreads to all your organs, your whole body. Additionally, you can smile on the outside. It is important to feel this warmth and love from a smile; you can reproduce this in yourself.

The important point is the simplicity of the technique and your inner deep understanding of the simplicity of the technique. You feel like the cells inside you are smiling, they really understand each other, and they give each other this vibration of happiness, joy and love, as much as they can.

It cannot be said that absolutely everyone can sit down and start smiling, and everything will work out correctly and energy will increase. But, at the same time, if this is not done, then we will more and more come to a system of misunderstanding of the organs within ourselves, i.e. the body's own processes will be the body and will move towards destruction. Unfortunately, our world is such that certain frameworks, rules and conceptual frameworks are now being imposed and they have a destructive effect on the human body.

Stress has become an absolute norm these days. A person does not sleep, is nervous... And society dictates: “It’s okay, it’s hard for everyone!” And time goes by!
We got nervous once or twice and the processes in the body were not at all what we needed. Some more time will pass and destruction will already occur in organs and cells, and this will bear fruit.

It is very difficult for people to adapt. I remember my time and it was hard for me to just net and press my palm to my palm. I thought this was some kind of ritual action. There was some resistance. And when I realized how the inner smile works, that I can internally set a certain energy process in my tissues: I look at the heart, I smile at the heart and build intentions to transform negative energy into positive. Then real positive transformation processes began.
I see that this is already a good vibration, this is a certain emotional background, a connection with certain essences of the emotional background, a good process.

If we see that a person spends too much time in mental constructions - he tries to justify himself, to outsmart himself, this can lead him in the wrong direction. This requires practice.

Over time, when you practice, it becomes clear where that subtle joy is that lifts a person and all his bodies to another level, and with this positive joyful energy replenishes and transforms the negative energy inside the body, and where there is a fantasy regarding this process.

This is the whole difference between what is called a successful, successful technique and an unsuccessful one. That is, a person can pretend, try, but in fact waste time, and on the other hand, a person can actually go into a deep internal transformation and independently, with his message, with his resource, make deep, correct internal changes.

Light and Love🙏💖