About self-development

How to combine practice and family life?

I don't separate practice and life. If you can build these relationships with the environment in the right way right where you are, difficulties will feed you.

If negative energy comes towards me, I will say thank you, because this energy is translated into my personal power.

And if a person sends something positive, another program is already in my filters. It turns out that we are having an exchange and the exchange is very good.

The way you can tune yourself is much better than cutting off all ties.

You need to move in a controlled manner. If you are afraid to get something from your wife, then what is there to talk about, what kind of development is there? It's an escape, but you can't escape from yourself. The main enemy is here, in the head, if you have sorted everything out here, everything else is a resource.

Light and Love🙏💖