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Why work out dysfunctions?

The word “dysfunction” is often found in our live broadcasts and everywhere where self-development and human health are dealt with. But what is dysfunction anyway? And is it necessary to work them out?
Let's figure it out.

If only we had God’s light inside us, if you shine, that’s one thing.
But it turns out that the body of the mind, which reacts to the “here and now”, which lives in this “here and now” constantly - there are relevant moments from the past, from some of your experiences, successes or failures, various difficulties. And these things constantly fly out of you like a megaphone. They shape you.

Imagine that some event occurred in deep childhood that left a child with mental trauma. These could be some experiences, significant episodes, and, most often, violence. Emotional or physical.

This violence will definitely be left behind in the child; it will be psychological trauma, dysfunction. And it is postponed in such a way that from here onwards, he expresses it constantly. He constantly declares to himself that I was offended, I was hit, there was violence.

And throughout life, a person becomes so overgrown with dysfunctions that he begins to crumble. ...

What we can do? Imagine that these grievances, psychological traumas, unjustified hopes - this is all a person broadcasts primarily to those who are nearby.
Not to those who offended him!!!
And to those to whom he can say this, and these are those who are nearby!

Accordingly, these are relatives, family. We are connected by channels and pipes. The better it is for your relatives, the better it is for you. The better you feel, the better they feel, there is no doubt about that.

Moreover, the child’s health depends on you. This is 100%. Friends, if you actually manage to transform your dysfunctions in any way, to change them in any way, then 100% of those who are in touch with you are, first of all, relatives, loved ones (because the birth canals are the strongest , they don’t break), friends, work colleagues, with whom you communicate and interact every day - these changes will be felt.

In fact, each of us emits certain waves of information and is a carrier of our own inner world. Accordingly, we broadcast what we can broadcast, what is in your inner world. Especially if you have dysfunction.

The answer is definitely that these psychological traumas need to be cleared away, we need to deal with our inner world, we need to deal with what we actually have, in order to slowly come to an understanding of what balance is, what we will then express when we are in balance, how we will then see the world.

Light and Love🙏💖