About self-development

Is it normal to feel sorry?

Friends, we must understand that those who feel pity for others first of all feel sorry for themselves. The concept of pity is, first of all, self-pity.

If you don’t have pity for yourself, then you definitely can’t have pity for anyone. If you feel sorry for, for example, poor kittens, this indicates that you have self-pity inside, and it can very much turn everything upside down.

Castaneda wrote very well that if you are going to acquire knowledge, it is tantamount to going to war. And if you went to war, then these comrades are not appropriate there.

Yes, there are sane ideas, you won’t bully these kittens. Yes, the kittens are great, let them comprehend the world, this does not mean that you should interfere with it. Therefore, here I make a reference to Castaneda, read about self-pity there.

Light and Love🙏💖