About self-development



Impotence is a disruption of the first chakra.

The first chakra is the desire to live, move, grow, it’s drive! This is one of the most difficult chakras. This is the root! This is the basis of your interaction with this world.

And there are several mechanisms of work from the first chakra and higher, several keys.

Energy can move through the first chakra: first, second... and then it all goes nowhere. She comes out and that’s it - a person is at the animal level and remains.
The key here is that the active work of the lower two chakras is an active manifestation of your inner animal. And energy, most often, comes out through these first two chakras, through sexual themes, which underestimates the general field and the general potential of energy. This is the first possible violation, a possible cause of impotence.

Or maybe this chakra passes energy upward, this is a more feminine option, but it is possible, and for people who are more developed, it is the only possible one. The person becomes more active.

Or you see that these chakras work in a different mode; at first it looks like a stress mode. Sometimes a person puts himself into this state with the help of techniques and practices. Working the first chakra in this mode will inevitably lead to powerlessness.

Powerlessness indicates that there is a violation, that a person does not take energy from the earth. And accordingly, there is no power, no power to run the car. And if there is no power, look at the wire, you can do everything right, do the exercises in the morning. There is something you didn’t do to make this cord turn on, there may be different mechanisms.

Various things can help here. I was in a situation where you get up and immediately want to sleep. You can't work, everything hurts. I fasted, did breathing techniques, did yoga, and at that time it helped me.

The key is in the person. You want to take the path, you want to develop, you want to grow and develop - nothing can stop you.

Have you ever felt powerless and what helped you?

Light and Love