About self-development

Cosmoenergy - as an advanced technology!

At our school we study various technical approaches to the possibility of correcting the very distortions that arise as a result of our Ego.

We use Reiki, Cosmoenergetics, and some qigong exercises, possibly yoga. That is, we believe that all practices have their place and all have positive and correct keys.

Of course, from the point of view of practices, Cosmoenergetics, at this stage, is, as it seems to me, an advanced technology and really makes very subtle positive changes that have been achieved in other practices and techniques for years.

Yes, we are engaged in space energy. I also want to note that from the technical side of the issue, practices help a person realize his own vision of the world, his own worldview and himself, and understand that the very distortions that we hide from ourselves are precisely the problems.

They are the key problems, those very clues, emotional attachments and involvement in any situation. This is what creates the possibility of developing a further blockage or any further energetic and physical spasm or clamping. That is, a very important point and I would like to emphasize here that it’s not about the techniques, it’s about the person himself.

If a person is conscious, observes himself, observes emotions, thoughts and tries to express himself in a positive, correct way, he will move forward. Of course, from the point of view of working out what we imagine ourselves to be, those programs that we have imposed on ourselves and society has helped us wonderfully in this, the ideal and best thing that exists is Cosmoenergetics.

Light and Love💖🙏