About self-development

Spirituality or Society?

I see that people often go from one extreme to another.

Most often, a person gets involved and acts only by worrying about himself, about his social unit, about his family, about the world, about everyday affairs. Without developing spiritually, a person feels that there is not enough energy. The result of this is exhaustion, what used to make me happy is no longer happy, nothing has meaning in this world anymore, I’m tired of living.

What do we see in the end? Older people who are confused in life. We look at them and understand that a person does not want to live, he already seems to know everything, he is tired of everything, he has formed an opinion about everything, there is no way to hear other people.

Another situation is when a person gives up everything, goes into asceticism and goes deep into himself, not noticing what is starting to happen in reality. A person begins to distance himself from the surrounding reality, the world becomes more mediocre for him, and his energy potential becomes greater.

A person begins to feel more processes within himself, more consciousness. If a person continues to act in this way, then, as I see it, he begins to fall out of this world, to become, as it were, asocial. That is, a person leaves ordinary life and becomes abnormal.

Here are two vectors of what we are observing. As Buddha said, the middle path is the most correct. You go into practice, through practice you understand the social vector, you understand priorities, what is primary and what is secondary.

You receive energy, you receive potential, and with this potential you return to life, build new vectors, due to them you get more drive from life, the desire to live, you go back to meditation, demolish everything and rebuild it again.

Thus, Damascus steel is forged, a person plunges into a molten state, meditates, gains knowledge, comes back to life, and realizes it. He didn’t have time to implement it, but he sees that it is possible - he goes back, meditates and returns to life.

This is what I encourage you to do.

Light and Love