About self-development

Should you trust astrological forecasts?

I see it as magic and calculations. There is no need, of course, to completely discount them, but I treat all of this as a predisposition, and not a clear law of action.

We, bright people, have free will, an internal law of the soul according to which a person makes a choice. And this choice may not fall into the calculations. For example, a person's intuition may not be calculated. Intuition works - but it was not invested in the calculation system.

All these natal charts are a clear calculation for those who do not have free will. And therefore this thing works very cool for people who are in a negative system. They do not have situational series, they have only one choice - from one control point to another control point, and there are no options.

Then yes, you calculate a person’s natal chart and can tell his entire fate from beginning to end. But if you take a bright soul, the integral of correct calculations is very large.

And if you describe his fate to him, then this is simply violence against his information layers from the point of view that, having looked, you have already made a path, and energy will flow through these situational rows. But if a person is stronger than the seer who told him his fate, if his inner world is stronger, he will still go his own way, and everything will turn out differently and the forecast will not come true.

This whole astrology thing is a wonderful thing. The point is that it can pay off, but for those people who have really positive karma, it turns out to be a miss, I think. Moreover, if a person develops, if he works on himself, he changes his essence, he changes his soul, including all these situational series and goes beyond the horoscope.

I am 200% sure that a person who works on himself, meditates, does Osho meditations, works with my frequencies, etc., this person comes to the point where he will really begin to change.

And if he really changes, then the horoscope that was given to him at the moment of birth is based on the fact that he will go with the flow like everyone else, he will not come into contact with knowledge. But it turned out that the knowledge touched him, and he became interested and began to work, and it took off, that’s all - the man jumped out of the framework of this horoscope.

Light and Love🙏💖