About self-development

Inner wisdom and the importance of one's own choice.

Friends, the Universe has everything calculated and it absolutely doesn’t care how you move. But for you, as an individual, there is a big difference whether you take one path or another.

That is, the final result can be completely different. It is unlikely that you would wish your children to go through certain experiences that you may have gone through yourself. That is, you always want to do it right... Really right! With the right approach, with some inner wisdom and understanding.

And this inner wisdom and understanding, as I see it, is a little lost in humanity, against the backdrop of the mental toxin that the Earth has already missed. When we turn on the TV or radio, we see basically the same source.

Yes, you can read Socrates or some other interesting man of philosophical thought and touch on a slightly different source. But, again, we understand that everything has been translated from language to language, reprinted, modified ten times. It has been changed so that that essence, that true message of gentle subtle light, wisdom, is hidden as deeply as possible from the human essence. So that you can control people and leave them in ignorance.

In fact, I see that at these levels we can try to express our free will, express our intention, and it will be the key to unfolding one of the probabilities.

Now I see that intention is the key. And the frequency of consciousness and the frequency of thoughts, as well as one’s internal laws, is what gives a person the strength and opportunity to interact with these powerful energy-information arrays. Which, as I see, nourish the earth and give absolutely everything, are the source for the earth itself, not to mention all the processes that occur on it.

That is, this is the source of everything. And I am sure that interaction with these forces in the future will be one of the main keys for a person of knowledge. As I see, the essence of the source always gives the correct state: a state of sobriety, wisdom, calm inner light, which will no longer do stupidity in its extreme form, and will not be able to bring violence, suffering, and harm to other beings, the planet itself and oneself.

Unfortunately, we see this situation all the time. It is absolutely obvious to me that people have nothing to do with this. It's all about the global mental structures that govern humanity.

I greet and welcome everyone who works with energies, who works with various kinds of essences, beings, and does certain correct processes for balancing, growth, and development of the Earth and humanity.

I sincerely express my gratitude and say thank you to all those who are with us in this process. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what practices and techniques a person uses, the result is more important. So that it helps the person himself, the earth, and other people who somehow come into contact with these processes and people. I am glad that you are interested in everything that happens at our school, that you are interested in our ideas and our practices. I'm glad to see you, and I sincerely thank everyone on the other side of the screen.

Light and Love🙏💖