About self-development

Karmic achievements

What can a person from past lives bring? Of course, every time a person comes into contact with a certain kind of knowledge, gains a certain experience, a certain potential, this potential becomes part of the soul, that is, it is immersed there.

And a person, expressing himself in the next life, can naturally affect these mechanisms.
Yes, there is such a thing that this cell is covered, this information is inaccessible to a person until he gains a certain level of development. Negative abilities are especially often blocked.
Again, a strong entity met, a strong magician, a teacher - and again it went, and the person begins to go in this direction.

Everyone has experience from past incarnations - both good and bad. What you develop in this life will also be the reason for your next manifestations in this world.
That's how I see it.

Light and Love🙏💖