About self-development

Foul language

I'm not making an overemphasis here. You can get so carried away and consciously go into the destruction of your ego, your personality, that you throw out all possible programs of parasitic words, foul language, any other words or manifestations of yourself in this life.

But you need to understand that at the same time you are throwing away your social adaptation, you are throwing away your opportunity to interact with other people, because this social glue, it stands on what is called “personality”, what attracts in another person, and this is often not his presence in a given moment, rather it is some kind of social manifestation of him, some kind of opportunity to express himself in such a way that others will like it.

I am sure that if I did not have certain parasitic words, if I could not express my thoughts through these very simple and often non-literary words, slang, etc., if I did not communicate with you as a person, most likely you they wouldn't listen to me.

For practice, for the possibility of internal observation of oneself, it makes sense to experiment with somehow removing foul language and other things from oneself, sitting in asceticism and being with oneself. But if you stick to this for a long time, you will notice that those people who communicated closely with you will say that something happened to you, where is that old person, and now you are all so observant of yourself. This too must be experienced.

If you want with this experience of your divine touch, with this experience of your inner world that you have found, through these techniques of renunciation, through these techniques of throwing away everything that you can, then go back into the world and try to somehow bring this positive energy into world, you will have to put this socialization on yourself again.

I don’t see anything super terrible in the fact that a person somehow expresses himself, including using obscenities, this is his business, his right, we just have to accept him as he is. Everyone has the right to express themselves however they want.

Light and Love🙏💖