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How to maintain a state of balance?

Friends, you need to understand that the state of balance depends on everything that happens to you. If you are mentally on the right path: reading the right books, watching the right movies, thinking in the right way and doing good deeds, then you will be able to maintain inner balance.

Where you go and who you hang out with has a big impact. For example, if you come to a club or bar where the energy cannot be positive, then the chance that you will fall into a state of imbalance increases sharply.

The company is also very important!
If you communicate with positively minded people, with good energy, without any negative influences on them, then nothing threatens you.
And if you are surrounded by people with a different attitude, then most likely your state of balance will be lost under the influence of these people and their energy field.

Your condition greatly depends on you. But you need to understand that it doesn’t matter what practices you do to maintain balance, what matters is what thoughts you think, what emotions you feel!

Light and Love🙏💖