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How to overcome reaction inertia?

Let's try to pay attention to the sages of the past and, in general, to all the old methods of growth and development. What do they say about this about yoga, some technologies that have directions in Taoism, Hinduism, Qigong - anything from the old branches. How did they guide you on the path? What was the first thing they immersed students in before they could even touch knowledge? What were they loaded with, what practices?

Well, first of all, it's hunger. I understand that this thing is slippery, because people are all different, for some it may help to get out of reactions. Some people are already overloaded, have been living under stress for a long time, etc., I wouldn’t recommend starvation here.

But if you are so stuck in the matrix and don’t understand how to break away from all this, friends, there are two things that 100% take you out of the state of involvement, the state of loss of self-identification, a certain image of yourself that a person has invented for himself - this is breathing and nutrition.

Two elements without which you will not go far. You are faced with what is called the reality of physical non-existence. That is, death is nearby, and if you stop breathing, it begins to approach you very quickly. And you can feel it if you stop breathing right now.

In a minute and a half, nothing will matter, all your automaticity, all your desire to express yourself as usual, it will simply fall apart. You will be focused on only one physical action, and it will occupy your entire mind - this is a physical breath of oxygen.

You are so dependent on the environment that you forget about it. It's that simple. I would study the issue of breathing first.

For those who are very involved and cannot detach themselves, pay attention directly to yourself, directly to your breathing, and experiment with it. You don’t need a lot of intelligence here, you covered your mouth and nose, and that’s it, and now where are your ideas about yourself, there’s already one idea - how to take a breath, now from your inertia you have redirected yourself.

The second point will probably be more interesting for many, because it is more prolonged. We can go without food for quite a long time, in terms of time periods, and the way consciousness changes when a person begins to start the process of eating his own reserves is already a serious phenomenon.

I cannot advise you on what is called hunger. But in general, you need to know that those who came as students in Ancient Rome, first of all, in order to understand what the master was talking about, spent two days without food, on the water. On the third day, a person begins to understand what the master is saying, to feel in a different way, it becomes more and more interesting.

If you are so driven by the inertia of this world that you cannot stop and do not understand how you position yourself, it jumps out to you by itself, try not eating for two days. And your inert positioning of yourself will also be disrupted, because you eat something on the go and don’t notice it, breathe and don’t notice it.

And you experiment with breathing, experiment with food. But this doesn’t mean that let’s not eat for two days every week! It is very important to understand what the essence of the experiment is: physical is the load, mental is the essence of this phenomenon, in order to be able to separate yourself from the self that you imagined for yourself. Separate what you really are from the idea about yourself that you told yourself. This is the key, this is the important point of what practices we can use to overcome our own inertia.

In general, you can experiment in many different ways. In the end, you don't have to talk. Be silent. You can eat, you can breathe, but try not to talk. For two days, three days you don’t speak at all, don’t try to express anything with gestures or anything else.

You need it - you went and got it, you need it - you went and did it. But you don’t talk to other people, you don’t try to communicate with them somehow, you don’t look at your phone. That's it, here your life again undergoes a division between who you really are and who you are in relation to your ideas about yourself and other people's ideas about you.

Here you need to properly evaluate your own resource. What are you really capable of, what can you really do. Otherwise you will say: “Right now I’ll take it and won’t talk to everyone.” And at the same time, you have to go to work, you have children and so on, that is, you have not prepared the basis to enter the practice. And people don't understand what's happening.

You need to understand what exactly you are doing. There is no need to force yourself into situations where you are positioning and practicing, expressing yourself inappropriately, you don’t need to be a weirdo, you don’t need to be blissful. The important point is to do everything harmoniously and correctly.

We chose a time, took a vacation from work, explained to the family the correctness of the practice, prepared a place for ourselves, thought through everything, who will watch you so that nothing happens, turned on the stopwatch and went to practice.

This is the right path, you prepared for practice, you went into it, you gained experience in practice, you come out different, practice has changed you. It is easier for you to see how you break away, how your inertia is defeated.

Light and Love🙏💖