About self-development

Practice makes it possible to see reality.

Practice makes it possible to see reality.

Who wants to work seriously with external influences

Who dives into healing

Who can work and wants to work with the body: You need the MIND OF THE BODY!

Namely - the LOWER TANTIAN!

If we don't go to this lower dantian, we can work from the middle dantian. If we don't go to the middle dantian, we can work with the head. But the problem with the head is that it comes up with ideas. Constantly gives some false points. Something new, something that is not true.

The lower dantian doesn't lie! He feels everything. Therefore, everyone who can work with the body works through the lower dantian. Friends, this is practice! In practice there is an opportunity to see reality!

Meditate with us, friends!

Light and Love.