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If something is wrong with the child

It often happens that a child behaves in some unusual way, sleeps poorly, is too active, does not eat, or has other abnormalities. Parents think that the child has a corruption and essence and begin to actively “treat” him.

You must understand that children are 100% parents. Parents' problems are 100% the child's problems. An adult has a more stable psyche, so he can somehow stabilize when he has a load. When this burden from an adult flows onto a child, he can feel it and express it in different ways.

There is no need to drag the child straight away to the grandmothers, clean him, do something with him, and so on. In order to understand whether there is damage on the child or something else, you just need to carry out a diagnosis.

You need to show a photo of the child to a qualified person, and he will immediately tell you whether it is there or not. You yourself will never understand whether this child is fooling around, or whether there is a real being in him. It is simply impossible to distinguish one from the other.

If it seems to you that the child is displaying some kind of inappropriate expression, pay attention to the mother and those adults who are nearby. Try to do something with them, relieve them, help them psychologically, calm them down, bring them into balance, into a resourceful state.

Because all the child’s breakdowns are always a burden on the elders, on those who are nearby. If the people nearby are normal, the child will never behave inappropriately. If this does happen, then look at who he interacts with in kindergarten.

Pay very careful attention to those to whom you give your children, because an interaction of 20-30 minutes is more than enough to do serious damage to the energy of a child.

Don’t rush to take active steps with children, do it with elders, with those who are nearby.

And speaking of tools, Reiki is a universal force that can be used with a child of any age.

Light and Love 🙏💖