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What to do if you have problems with your spine?

You need to understand that if the spine has moved, if such things take place, then there are invisible strands that cause the muscles to twist. Here we have a spinal column, here our intervertebral cartilages were sharpened, so it “by itself” was pulled to the side. We must understand that nothing happens by itself. Everything happens according to the program.

These are emotions - resentment, rejection, the desire to prove something. Perhaps some things are on the magical spectrum. There are a huge number of things that can affect the spine. Again, you need to work directly with the person.

The easiest way is to sign up for a consultation, the process will begin to reset the invisible phenomena that lead the spine to this state. The fact that he will immediately straighten up - no, he will not straighten up, but that processes and tendencies towards recovery will begin - this is true.

In any case, you will have to do internal work. That is, you will need to forgive everyone, agree with other people’s opinions in general, understand that people have their own opinions and they have the right to it. There is no need to strive to bring your idea to them, no matter what it is about, and no matter how correct it is. Those who need it will listen and listen to you, those who don’t need it will not need it. You need to understand this world as it is, people do not owe you anything and are not obligated.

Next you need to work out all relationships with relatives. When you are properly attuned to your family, this is one thing; when they have serious psycho-emotional dysfunctions, and they are somehow passed on to you, then you still need to come to a balance so that it is somehow modified and somehow resolved.

Otherwise this burden will remain. In the end, you can put filters in such a way that the relationship does not lead to such phenomena, it simply gives the potential for negative energy to be reset, so that the main carrier energy comes to you in personal strength.

To do this, you need to take attunements and go through retreats. Doctors will tell you: study, do physical exercises. I know this won't work. In the end, they will still send you for surgery. If you don't want to have surgery, if you want to go a different route, I'll tell you how.

I have relatives who had such problems. Nothing, you know, little by little everything has resolved, straightened out, the cartilage is growing, although the doctors say that this is impossible. All these tissues are formed anew, everything turns out well and wonderful. But it takes time, it takes work, including internal work.

You can start with the online course “The New Transmission of Power.” Take it, there is an osteopathic flow. You will be twisted violently under it, bent completely, put into situations where you are squeezed and that’s all. You are stuck and just stand there, but certain pictures will begin to emerge in your mind, that is, you will begin to feel and see when it was formed. And when you accepted it, cried, let it through yourself in any way, re-realized it - it will begin to recede.