About self-development

Can energy from the future be consumed during internal work?

Where do these energies come from, is it really from the future, and can this affect a person’s life in the future? If we consider this question, I will tell you one thing, that the reality of this world is simpler or something, and at the same time more specific.

It is what it is, friends, you only have what you have, and if you can somehow operate with it and interact with it, that’s one question. Potential is a concrete expression in physics. If you have real knowledge, it should be expressed in life by real deeds, real actions, real events. I am sure that reiki energy cannot harm anyone, it is impossible.

Another question is, if you are inclined to create difficulties for yourself and others, then you do not need to use force. In the language of yoga, this is called samskaras - the seeds of future problems, these are the unmanifest predispositions of a person, his soul, to certain inclinations.

Such a person first needs to work on himself in order to come to the conclusion that everyone feels good around him, everyone wants to be close to him. Then you can pump up your strength, then let there be more of this person. If a person is a problem in himself, then when you give him power, the problem becomes bigger.

I see that when you connect with the right energies, and when you do the right internal work, positive processes do not disappear anywhere, they follow the correct internal work.

Yes, of course, there is no point in dwelling on this, there is no point in chasing after this in such a way that I will now sit down and meditate so that everything in my life will be fine. This is not quite the right approach. A more correct approach: “I want to know myself, I want to know this world, and I will sit down to meditate,” and the by-product of this meditation will be success and health.

Light and Love🙏💖