About self-development

Motivation to practice

Friends, there is no need to separate practices from life. Work must constantly go on, because this is the only reason we are on this earth - this is internal change and transformation of ourselves.

We believe in space and time here, and we can change. Based on physical reality and social processes, we can change ourselves, because whether you are demigods, gods, anyone, you will not change yourself, you will have to fall back to earth in order to change yourself again and make yourself better.

People think that they live a simple life, but here you have to bother, do practice... In fact, you receive constant blows from life.

If you transform yourself and work on yourself, which is what you should be doing here, you will not have these shock kicks in life. That is, either life teaches you by force, or you learn yourself, there is no other way, there is no opportunity to freeload.

You learn here anyway, while you live you gain experience, your soul grows. This is life, this is the training of the soul through experience.

Light and Love💖🙏