About self-development

The essence of the Ego. Ideas about yourself

Friends, the purer you become, the less of your “I” in yourself, the purer you see, the more you are that light of consciousness.

The problem with the Ego is that it hides. It cannot exist in the light of your consciousness. That is, this is a lie - it does not exist in reality, it is a fiction. Your mind came up with it. It is a reflection of you in the mirror of your own ideas.

If you don't think about it, then it doesn't exist - that's where the Ego is. It is in the realm of the looking glass, in the realm of what does not exist relative to reality.

The reality is there, the personality is there, the body is there, your essence is there, the divine behind is there, but your idea of yourself is not there. It was invented, it was drawn by you.

How can I reset it? Don't think about her. Your thoughts about yourself, including how great you are, what you have achieved - the Ego feeds on all this and grows stronger. And then you will not see the moment when it displaced you, and it already dictates to you, tells you what you are. And regarding who you are, you act one way or another.

That is, the Ego already has its own goals, its own tasks, its own priorities. The village felt itchy somehow. It sprang from the general Essence of the light of your consciousness, and from there, it works on the sly and broadcasts its ideas.

In fact, the total mass of the population looks like a huge pile of subpersonalities, that is, you look at a person, and it’s not that there is no person, there is a crowd. A crowd of his parents' ideas about him, a crowd of his own ideas about him, a crowd of friends' ideas and a bunch of other ideas, each of which seethes within each other, jostling.

They have their own hierarchical disputes there. Each of them wants to stand at the managerial level and say: “I am here today, celebrating on this throne.”

At first, this is an aggressive struggle with oneself, so it is of little use. There is some swing going on. So I look at myself, and inside, I say: “Yes, this is all bullshit”! And another tension is born, which begins to push the previous tension. And so this internal struggle goes on until all this comes to an inner peace, that “I’m neither for nor against, I’m just watching.”

It seems easy to watch. It seems that looking is about nothing at all. And over time, you begin to look at this “simple” a little longer, and you understand that it is not simple at all. An idea immediately pops up regarding what is happening, the mind created an assessment and spoke it out, made a decision. That is, the computer completed the task and gave the answer - this is it. And you are neither for nor against, you also look at him, and then you begin to see your Ego.

And when you start to see it, it behaves very interestingly, it begins to hide in all possible ways. And create problems for you: “Oh, you are so!” - and now you have a headache. “Oh, I have a headache” - that’s it, attention was turned. “Oh, there you are!” - Your stomach hurts. That's it, attention has switched, and don't look here anymore.

And so you stepped over yourself ten times, cried twenty times, sat in the toilet. You spent some time with fears and nightmares, stepped over them two hundred times, and you really calmed down.

Sort it out inside, put things in order. Find this subpersonality there, a manager who has a king in his head, as they say. Which is more or less sane. He needs to be cared for and cherished. So that he can restore order there: grooms in the stables, cooks in the kitchen! So that he places them there in their places.

Because there are unconscious processes that must go on, internal mechanisms of our organization. They should exist, but we cannot allow, so to speak, “power of the people.”

As I already said, everything is inside. You are God and you are the Devil, you are all the intermediate angels, archangels, everything is in you. But what exactly a person clings to, what image of himself a person puts on himself, is what he goes with. And more often than not, a person does not track this image, so what his parents gave him, his friends confirmed, and his teachers said, it remains so limited. This is how a person goes.

Light and Love🙏💖