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Compulsive overeating

There are two options, the first is that a person creates some difficulties for himself, and the second, when he is “helped” from the outside. We will consider the option that there is no magical influence from the outside. What to do?

Personally, my vision of this situation is that there is a large amount of self-pity in a person, and there is an internal mismatch between energy information systems, that is, subpersonalities within a person that have not yet been dealt with, or somehow resolved for oneself. One part of the inner says: “I want to eat,” and the second part of the inner says, “I need a good figure, I want to eat right, I won’t eat anything.” What can we do?

First of all, I would like to ask: is there any experience of fasting at all? Absolutely anyone can do three days on the water. For practice, for experience, for your own understanding, fasting for three days is very good. If it doesn’t work out, it means something inside is stronger than you, and you still give up, the weakness took over you, and you went to eat, at a time when you shouldn’t have eaten for three days.

I can say one thing - this is self-pity, indulgence, there is no clear understanding of who is boss in the house. That is, you are not your own master, there is a subpersonality, it does not come to the surface, it is in the subconscious, but it is stronger than the part that currently occupies the throne, the part that sits inside you and says “I”.

What should we do? First of all, you need to recognize the situation as it actually is - you are not the master, the one who sits on the throne is an appearance. The actual essence that makes decisions inside is hidden. First of all, it is necessary to reconcile these subpersonalities among themselves. What is hidden must be expressed. In this case, it expresses itself as uncontrolled eating of food.

If your nutrition issue is not cleared up, you need to start looking into it.
It all starts with the fact that a person gives himself slack, that part inside that knows that you yourself do not adhere to your own laws, this part begins to grow.

If you know that you have made a certain decision, and keep it for yourself and for self-respect, for your own internal practice, you cultivate willpower within yourself. You set a task and you solve it, these tasks will never be solved on their own, you need to find the strength within yourself and do what you stated.

In psychology, uncontrolled eating is considered as “stress eating”; if I have such a problem, I accept it, then everything is fine. But acceptance is only the first step. By accepting the fact that I am not the master of my house, we go deeper and have the opportunity to do internal observation, internal work. First of all, you need to remove the barriers that a person builds for himself, which keeps this part of the subpersonality in a cage, which comes out and starts eating everything.

Since childhood, we have a large number of restrictions; it is difficult for us to express ourselves as we want. When expressing ourselves is impossible, we have been taught that we need to behave in a certain way and not otherwise, an internal conflict arises. Dysfunction is created inside, which is screwed up more and more, eventually it will spill out over the edge at some point. This negativity that accumulates inside will still jump out in the form of overeating or something else.

In my opinion, the easiest way is to do Osho meditation, that is, to express it internally, to express it through movement, through some part of the relationship with this world, in addition to eating food. Take the music and dance, move, express it, see what you think, why you think about it, don't let anyone look at you, have a blast, let 40 sweats come off you.

The point remains that if you have an understanding that you are not the master in your body, then you need to find this master and make peace with him. You need to achieve this mixing so that you don't lie to yourself, so that you can express yourself the way you want, and you won't be ashamed of it. You are who you are, accept whoever you are.

This is the first part of how this issue is resolved.
Now you have accepted it, that it happens sometimes, and you understand that it has turned on, you need to be super aware of this. Because when it turns on, the second part of you turns on, the part that is not you, at the moment when you say that you will not do this. Sit, watch your breathing, and don’t go eat. Are you hungry? Tell yourself: “I’ll go eat now,” and don’t go, continue to watch. When you succeed, that's it, you're the boss. You were able to redirect the impulse and deceived yourself, but with the help of this you achieved the results that you need.

Light and Love🙏💖