About self-development

Attention management

We have a very large amount of information passing through the system, very large. And if we consciously perceived all this information that passes through us, with all our power in the brain, it would not be able to cope. This is one hundred percent.

Therefore, this information is, as it were, compressed, and, in the end, what remains is what the brain can cope with, and what it forms within itself in the correct way, that is, determines.

I see this as the mental internal organization of a person. His belief about himself, who he is. And this organization is internal, it creates certain frameworks, that is, it collects a person into a personality, and this personality is complete.

After all, in fact, you are divine essences, infinite, but it seems to you that you are strictly limited. Here is a body that has a beginning and an end, so you somehow communicate with it and it seems to you that you also have your limits.

I think that we, as divine beings, have no limits. And the important point here is to communicate with yourself, to compare who I am at the moment. And here again this sharp gap occurs between the fact that the personality is limited, active, who wants to act, and the divine essence is the observer, who does not need anything, she just looks and everything is fine for her, she accepts all options.

Again, we are interested in these subordinate links, between this and that. So you sat down, meditated, connected, vibration began, flow began, filling began, you communicate with the divine. At this moment you are an observer, at this moment you are not a doer.

You have stopped meditating, the process of life has begun, somewhere part of your attention goes to realizing that you are still a divine essence and you continue to exist there, then the other part of your attention, which is here, will act differently. Think differently.

That is, if you do not completely close yourself off as a person, then this already gives you a huge bonus. This kind of second ring of power. You close the first ring of power on yourself, on the feeling and perception of yourself. Looking at a person, we see that there is a huge amount of information content that relates specifically to this person, including something that we do not consciously perceive.

Such as heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, and other processes. That is, these are very specific programs that relate specifically to this individual, to this personality, to this essence. And they can be read by you.

The more you think ideologically, personally think, the greater the possibility of error. The more you become aware of your connection to the divine and begin to feel from there, the greater the percentage that you read correctly.

The most important point here is to correctly redistribute attention and read correctly. Again, I suggest what to do? Focus your attention on the lower dantian and central channel. This is correctly distributed attention, let’s say from behind.

Because as I see, the sun is shining from behind, for everyone. And we are like, film in the projector. The spotlight shines from behind, and we draw this life on the screen. And this film between the projector and what we perceive is fate, personality and all this information.

Accordingly, when you roll back to this light that shines through you, you can more holistically perceive that information layer that is between what we ultimately see on the screen.

Light and Love🙏💖