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Painful attachment

How to block painful attachment to another person?

Osho taught not to have any attachments.
I respect Osho, but in fact, we cannot help but have some attachments. We live in a society and have ties to the country, to our parents, to the planet, to work, to various egregors.

And in a normal state, these attachments should give you energy, and you should give energy to them. This is a two-way relationship.

When energy passes only in one direction, the attachment is painful. And here Uncle Osho is right.
And this is what it looks like.

Ask yourself a question: Who has an attachment inside me?

If we look within ourselves at the one who is speaking, and the image turns out blurry, then there is no one to speak. If a specific image comes out, it means it is a subpersonality, an incorrect crystallization, a certain mental essence that claims to be your “assistant”.

If you are a mentally healthy person, then when you look at someone who is speaking, you will not see an image, you will not see anything. And you will become calmer in the process of observing yourself. Internal transformation will begin.

If there is incorrect crystallization, the whole problem is who is asking the question. This person acts on behalf of the egoistic essence, from a subpersonality that has very clearly established itself in its positions, and the truth can be in two cases: it is true and it is wrong.

All attachments - to your family, to this planet, to this country, to this point of view - they are in your head, they are you.

In this case, no action is needed. Be humble and calm, observe reality, what exists. You see that you are getting involved, that emotional acceleration begins - so go inside yourself, WHO cares about this?
And there is no one there if you are a mentally healthy person.

It’s just your self-conviction that you are like this, that this is important to you. This is dysfunction. Find it, take it apart. This does not mean that you need to quit this world, it means that this problem will stop annoying you on the outside and you will become stronger in your inner truth.

And painful attachment will cease to have any meaning for you, you will keep your potential to yourself.

Light and Love