About self-development

How to quit smoking?

Just give it up and that's it. No one will do this except you. This issue couldn't be simpler, and I know it very well. You just take it and don’t do it! That's all.

If you can't help but do this, then you don't exist. That means you don't exist at all. There is a conglomerate of some murky subpersonalities that are constantly fighting inside your body, and one displaces the other.

What happens is that when one comes to power and she is more or less adequate, she says:
“What are you talking about, smoking? What a horror, it’s impossible!”
And when she falls asleep, another one wakes up:
“Listen, let’s have a quick cigarette, please.”
Who is really saying this?
The one who said that there is no need to smoke.

That's all, you are gone and there is nothing to talk about! What kind of development is there when there is this mess inside?

When YOU exist, if you smoke, you really know why you smoke and what is happening. And you know perfectly well that you can easily remove it, and for you it does not exist.

If you struggle with something, if you can't, what does that mean?
That no one can do it.
If you exist, then you have willpower.
If you are, you can do anything, you will succeed.

Light and Love🙏💖