About self-development

Can you use tarot?

Tarot is cards that carry a connotation of magical work; this egregor contains ancient processes that were laid out on these cards. Definitely, Tarot is a tool.

I studied this instrument for a while, saw the strength and power of this egregor and, in general, the principles of this work, they are clear to me. I understand that there are some global situational series, and there are secondary situational series. I understand that we can decompose and it doesn't add up randomly, it adds up just like that.

Personally, I think that I am pleased when my potential remains in the form of potential, and I myself can shape it, create those keys, those passages, those situational ramifications that are interesting to me.

I don't want to pre-form some path that was formed just because I looked at it. You understand what it means when some seer says: “I’ll look at your fate and tell you.” Yes, your destiny has a huge tree of situational series, you understand? Many, many, many different options in potential.

And when a clairvoyant sees, he sees one of them most often. And he tightly fixes these control points that are turned along this path, and tells them to you. You fix these control points in yourself, and you follow exactly this path, and it doesn’t matter whether it is positive or not, you have narrowed all these possibilities of options to the very path that you looked through these Tarot cards.

Light and Love🙏💖