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Total rejuvenation - Seven Tibetan pearls

Total rejuvenation - Practice “Seven Tibetan Pearls”

Initially, this practice was called “5 Tibetan pearls,” but later 2 more actions were added to it. I recommend practicing the latest version.
If you believe the primary sources, then by regularly doing this practice you recharge your chakras and start the rejuvenation process.

When I started doing this technique, I at least understood that this was good physical exercise in the morning. Why not.

Subsequently, I noticed that there is indeed an impact on certain chakras in the system, and at the moment of performing the technique, there is indeed some kind of cleansing and activation of these chakras precisely due to breathing and repeated physical actions.

That is, these are specific physical actions associated with breathing. And if you know and approach the construction of the physical body correctly, then they really activate certain processes.

All actions are performed a certain number of times. Start with 6, or better yet, 12. Then increase the number of repetitions by 3.

1️⃣⚪ We spin clockwise, collect energy for ourselves, and wind it up. Then we stop and it would be good to center this axis around which you were spinning, then you won’t feel dizzy. That is, you remain in this center. Inside, around you, everything is spinning, and you can walk and do whatever you want with all this rotation. Because centering appears.

2️⃣⚪Next we lie down, raise our legs and head at the same time while inhaling, we need to pull our socks towards ourselves. Exhale, accordingly - lie down.

3️⃣⚪Next, we get on our knees, there are dimples on the buttocks that we sometimes pat when we sit for a long time. Here we place our palms on them. It turns out that while inhaling we bend the thoracic spine and head back, it turns out that we are stretching the fifth chakra as much as possible. As you exhale, on the contrary, we squeeze our shoulders and squeeze everything out, as if squeezing it out. It turns out to be like inhaling and exhaling.

4️⃣⚪Next we sit down, it is important to maintain right angles. Let's inhale - we come out into a stool pose from right angles, the head is thrown back. Exhale - again we sit down in a straight triangle.

5️⃣⚪Downward-facing dog pose - then upward-facing dog, from yoga.

6️⃣⚪ We center ourselves again, stand for a while and begin to work with the stomach, pulling it inward on a full exhalation, creating a vacuum, and working with the stomach, either pulling it in or pushing it out.

7️⃣⚪In the end, we center ourselves and meditate.

You can do it once a day, preferably in the morning.

Working equipment!💪🙏