About self-development

Why is it necessary to roll your attention back in meditation?

During life, in a normal state of consciousness, people most often shift their attention forward.

In this case, your back remains out of sight and you lose the sensation and energetic ability to pay attention to what is happening to you from behind.
Legs, sacrum, tailbone especially, back of the head, behind the back of the head - these are the places most often people deprive of their attention. That’s why blockages, birth traumas, etc. occur there. The back of the head affects almost everyone.

And shifting your attention forward during meditation and looking at yourself in the face is possible, but it is only possible when you have developed your own field structure, your energy body, and you have realized it.

And when you realized it, you see that your hands are glowing, you yourself are glowing, and you can look at yourself from the inside, the outside, from all sides. If we shift to energetic perception, then the light that is at the assemblage point behind you is projected forward through your personality, through your prism, and what unfolds like a film in the material world in front of us is a projection of that light the power that shines from behind.

Therefore, when you find it, it’s like a light turns on in your head, which is what enlightened means. You close your eyes - you are light inside. Yes, this is a temporary effect, it lasts for a while and then disappears.

In principle, if you found it and it turned on, this already indicates that a good, correct positive process is underway.

You can do whatever you want, I’m telling you my observation of the best and easiest way to work with what is called self-awareness through observing your bodies.

The easiest way is to go to the source; the source of your consciousness is behind you. Castaneda wrote that it is located approximately an arm's length behind the shoulder blades. Maybe a little higher or a little lower, the most important thing is that the volume opens up in general, so that there is an understanding that you feel this volume with your skin, changes in this volume are reflected on your physical body as real sensations.

Light and Love🙏💖