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What happens during meditation?

The word “meditation” is used in our time for quite a few processes and phenomena.

The first thing that is called meditation is the so-called meditative practices. Among them are Reiki, Cosmoenergetics, and any forms of calming the mind and concentration, as well as all kinds of eregorial practices that have a ritual part (prayer, attunement).

All these practices have a beginning and an end. You prepare for practice, you do the practice and complete this action - move on to ordinary life.

The next type of meditation practice is observing your breathing and your own thoughts. Here the practice is spread out over the entire waking time and begins to be divided into only two moments: you are awake and remember the practice and when you fall asleep and forget about it.
This is where the part that is called begins to appear: you know that you are awake, but you yourself begin to notice that you are sleeping. This is a very interesting observation. Where you come closest to touching the Divine within.

Of course, in any meditation practice this can happen to you too.

And the next stage, when contact with the Divine becomes an inextricable tight connection.

Then the presence of the Divine and meditation becomes constant in a person's life and can happen simply by intention. And when the intention is not expressed, the connection still remains, but as if in a latent state, waiting, always ready to come to the surface.

You can start from the first or second stage, do meditative practices, observe your breathing and your own thoughts.
But meditation may or may not happen.
Therefore, if you ask “What happens during meditation?”, the most correct and simple answer to you will be:


It’s just that meditation itself either exists, and you have this connection with the Divine,
Either you are still trying to get on the path, or you are already on the path to get closer to it.

Light and Love🙏💖