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What is love from a multidimensional point of view?

Friends, let's talk about love. Understand correctly, programs work within a person. This may be very unpleasant for many, or not in the way you expected, but I will say this: there are programs that activate a certain work of hormones, a certain work of internal biochemistry. And the person begins to feel experiences. He calls this experience love.

But the whole cosmic and magical part of it, as I see it, is completely missing. That is, if I wish, I can create a state of love in any mentally normal person within fifteen minutes. And if you know which chakras, in what order, in what relationship, in what key, in what amplitude, what frequency need to be activated - you control it.

You control your own and another person's endocrine system. Therefore, I cannot tell you any magical stories about the great feeling of love. That is, I see that this is a completely and completely controlled feeling of our endocrine and energy system.

There are some clues, some understanding of how this state occurs. Over the course of a person’s life, certain notches are created on the psyche that form keys. These keys provide access to this state. Naturally, we all have a limbic system, we all have a memory of how it was in the womb. That is, where heaven was when we were an embryo and developed. That period, Grof's four perinatal matrices, exist in reality.
And now psychology and psychiatry have added them to the classical school of study.

That is, I see that any person can be transferred to this state with certain techniques, with certain practices and manipulations with his energy. Accordingly, any person who exists was in this state at one time. He has a memory of this state. Well, here there is a question of simply the integrity of the psyche. If a person is absolutely not torn inside, then all this is restored, it all works perfectly and the person begins to feel these things.

Let's try to approach from the other side, from a different key. Love, what is it? I see that our reactions, our emotions, our ideas about other people, about ourselves and about the world around us, create a certain series. A series of ways in which we communicate with the environment. If there are any moments that truly disturb us, worry us, then we consciously confirm that this is a problem. We push against it, push against it, and try to somehow resist it.

This is often the first sign of concern. The first sign that a person has lost the feeling of love. Because if you have this feeling of being in love, you are constantly soft, you are constantly quiet and meek. It is always good and pleasant for you to be alone with yourself. You are always pleased to be in the company of friendly, harmonious people. That is, this state is very comfortable and soft. The ways to achieve it are different.

Usually, a person, finding his soulmate, finding that person where the activation and inclusion of these hormones and internal chemistry occurs, feels this sensation. If you begin to understand your energy, if you begin to understand what the field structure is and how it all works, what the chakras are and their relationship. If these are not just words that are given to you in a general description, but specific practical activities, then you will certainly find yourself in a state of happiness, love and harmony. The question is how to maintain and prolong this state?

Here you already need to track the picture of the world, you need to work with what you see. And if everything here is built correctly, everything will be fine, everything will work.

Light and Love🙏💖