About self-development

Habit of complaining

Friends, let's look at the situation honestly: if you complain, it won't get any easier.
If you act using the method: “Is it difficult? Complain to the person about your hard life!” - He will listen to you, but it won’t make it any easier.
You will unload, unload, unload.... but you shouldn’t expect any real changes.

If a person understands a little more than just psychology - he can somehow work with energy information flows, understands how it’s all interconnected, where sometimes it’s worth shaking a person up, giving these magic kicks, instead of endlessly chewing mental gum about an unhappy life - one thing.

And when it goes well: “I’ll go and complain and it will feel better for me”...
May it not be easier for you, do not lie to yourself.
To make it easier for you, you need to change!!!
There will never be anything “easier” for others.

To “change” you need to work on yourself. To do this, “work on yourself” - if you force yourself, do what you don’t like, you will give it all up, you will not study.

So what to do?

Do what you like, find your technique that suits you.

Do you like to run in the morning - yes, please, run, feel how the energy flows inside your body! You run, breathe... this is nature, this is the earth around you, this is movement, this is meditation! There are no thoughts, only the body... beautiful!..

If you want yoga, please do yoga.
If you like qigong - 5 stars, put pressure on qigong.
If you like to read books, take Osho, Castaneda, take the list from the managers, everything is written there, get inspired.

Connect and resonate with these sources! We read a little, ran a little, sat a little, meditated, looked at this life a little more broadly!..

Friends, there is a lot of information available, if your practice is not going well, you don’t need to hit this new gate 10 times like a ram. Well, it doesn’t work, look for another move, look for the door that will open for you.

Light and Love🙏💖