About self-development

Does cosmoenergetics cure diseases?

Is it possible to cure diseases with frequencies?

What does it mean to heal? Let's figure it out. If you think that you or someone else has some problems, and you took the frequencies of Cosmoenergetics and began to heal. They treated and cured! Friends, this is absurd. Problems are in your thoughts, and it is not your body that needs to be treated. Doctors treat the body.

We are talking about what is called self-development. All of these healing effects are side effects of growth and development. That is, the point is in self-development, the point is not in treatment. It is very important to understand this. You and I are working on growth and development, on your own understanding of yourself.

If you think that you can cure something with some magical things without changing anything in your head, this is absurd. Yes, I can change something in a person so that he changes his thoughts, this is a fact, because I will turn off unnecessary sources from him, balance him, launch a recovery program, etc., but you friends, to get to this level, you need work for at least 5-7-10 years, 6-8 hours a day.

Illnesses are a reflection of an incorrect understanding of oneself, an incorrect understanding of the world, the relationship to the world, the relationship of the world to you, this is a violation, and here you need to work with changing the violation. If you already have a pathology, you need to go to the hospital, you don’t need to look for frequencies to treat diseases.

If you are diagnosed, you should not expect that you will cure something in yourself, especially right away. I understand that everyone wants a miracle, and it exists, but you understand correctly, what happens to people, those who study at our school, they talk about their victories, they have already been working with me for 2-3 years, they have a certain understanding of how it works and what it is, and they did not have the very goal of curing anything, maybe there was, but I initially said that this was the wrong goal.

You don’t need to focus on overcoming your illness, you need to move towards realizing where you lied to yourself, where you don’t see yourself, where you overstepped yourself, overstepped in such a way that it comes back to haunt you , and what to do in order to balance the situation here, to harmonize, to calm down internally, to come into balance, into balance with everything that is around.

You need to understand, before you begin to balance and correct something in yourself, you need to throw yourself (your idea of yourself) out of yourself. If you can't change yourself, how do you want to change the reflection of yourself on your own body?

Cosmoenergetics is very helpful in working with your energy field. Frequencies can change a lot: cleanse yourself of negative influences, help yourself recover, etc. But this is not a cure for diseases. This is a tool for your GROWTH and Development.

Light and Love💖🙏