About self-development

How to choose a Master and Practitioner?

First you need to understand that the essence of knowledge transfer is in your mind. Buddhists say that apparently we have accumulated a certain amount of good karma in past lives, and that in this incarnation we encountered a teaching. And having encountered a teaching, we completely rely on the knowledge of the master, the knowledge of the teaching, and follow the path of dharma (the universal law of existence).

I will say that knowledge ultimately comes from one source - from yourself.
The first thing that comes is an external teaching, that is, there must be a master whom you follow, there must be a person whom you trust.

In my case it was Osho.
He taught on the principle of totality.

The meaning of totality is that you need to forget about everything that has ever bothered you and give all your attention to the action that you are doing. If this works, you really come into the moment. Consciousness changes, you begin to feel volume, a shift occurs. You will not come back, you understand that some grain of knowledge has failed in you.

You are drawn to what you were ready for! There is no need to blame the teachers of the past for giving some practices that do not work. This is also normal.

In the end, if there is this search - you are burning, you want to receive this knowledge - it will come to you.
It will find a way.

Therefore, friends, there is no need to rush!
If you decide to go into the learning process, be total about it, go and try it!
Once you have gained experience, take it as it comes.
If you want to move further in this direction - you liked the master - let's move.
If you don’t like it, look further, the world is big.
Read the masters who have already made a splash.

But for it to happen, for it to mature, you need time, you need to work on yourself, you need to observe, you need to move towards it opening up inside.
I don't see any other way here.
Light and Love 🙏💖