About self-development

Body of mind - what is it?


Friends, hello everyone!

I believe that the mind body is something that is connected to the physical body through energy. Through these magical, transformational components.

The body of the mind is that corset, that kind of phantom of a human being, which is really very similar to the physical body. That is, your mental image. Your face is the passport of your body-mind.

As I believe, some kind of access, the key to information that concerns your body. And the mental is already a construction of this body of the mind. That is, certain mental predispositions:

In terms of choice;
In terms of emotions;

In terms of behavior. Some kind of behavioral stereotypes. They structure the mind body in such a way that channels begin to form there. That is, if the energy comes, it will go exactly like this.

If you give in a little bit of potential, then it will be expressed exactly like that. This is more and more, as it were, creating a certain mental structure that we call the Ego - a human corset.

And people already have to work with this. Psychologists also work. I believe that my method is no worse. And I will soon prove it to the scientific community.

Meditate with us, friends!

Light and Love