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What does back pain indicate?

You will understand that pain is a sign that you need to pay attention to the source of the pain, that there is a problem. This means that a person is not satisfied with his life. When you seriously ask him: “How are you?”, he answers: “Everything is fine,” but nothing is good there, and the person does not want to admit it to himself. This causes pain.

“Yes, my back just hurts, but everything is fine.” What if it's true? But the truth begins to emerge that here I am not satisfied with the attitude and communication, I don’t like it here either, they pay little, let’s say, but everything is fine. And it’s good here, it’s good there, and it’s so compressed that a person’s back and head hurt. And why? Because there is a distortion of what he really feels, with a distortion of what he tells himself about himself.

To leave the problem, it is not enough to say that I have no problems. You need to go into this problem, feel it, accept it, experience it, then let it go, forgive, separate, and then it stops bothering you when you have worked through it. And if it is there, and you say inside: “I have no problems,” but there this resistance remains inside and it inevitably comes out in the form of back pain, and the person says, “My back hurts, but there are no problems at all.”

Friends, you need to not lie to yourself and admit that there are problems and work through them.

Light and Love🙏💖