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Can neurotics meditate?

In our life, every second person is neurotic. As I understand it, this is a dysfunction of the first chakra, this is how it is transmitted to a person’s breathing, and it becomes confused.

If a person gets a little angry, he begins to choke. This is a very common phenomenon, and why not meditate on it?

On the contrary, you need to remove this dysfunction, come to the conclusion that you are worried, but you are not short of air, you are breathing normally. This will indicate that this neurotic spasm does not occur.

They may be expressed differently, there may be some kind of tic, the hair may move, the ears will move, it doesn’t matter what the deviation is.

I myself have had such a theme since childhood that to stir me up a little and this story begins. I forgot about this a long time ago and haven’t remembered it for 10-15 years, I worked with the first basic techniques, the same “Inner Smile”.

All these things can be removed if a person works systematically and transfers this opportunity to smile at his cells into the subconscious.
What you need for this is to work on meditation for 21 days, or better yet, a month.

That is, when developing the same basic practice “Empty Bamboo”, it should remain in the subconscious. Then this practice becomes you. The program falls into the subconscious. Once it's yours, you can share it in first person.

Light and Love🙏💖