About self-development

What if my friends don't understand my self-development?

In response to misunderstandings between friends, you need to understand - what do you want from your friends?
Any company is a joint interest.
If my interests are investments, business, travel, yogic, cosmic energy practices, various promotions on Instagram, I can communicate with people on these topics.

There are a huge number of people who work out for themselves because it is SELF-development. But if you meet a person on the street for some pastime, you don’t have to burden yourself with your practices; there are a huge number of areas not related to self-development.

If you can’t communicate in such a way as not to touch upon the topic of self-development, this is a question for you: why do you want to talk about this everywhere?

Let the knowledge grow in you. If it grows in you, then it is calmly contained in you, and if you are asked, you answer easily and confidently.

This is your information.
If you have just taken this grain of knowledge, it has not yet transformed you, then it may be asking to somehow declare itself, but most often this will give the opportunity to lose this grain.

Someone else's gaze is like pouring poisoned water on grain. It will not allow the grain to take root and crawl out. For this to happen, there is no need to rush, you need to prepare the ground.

In my case, the grain has long since sprouted. The topic of self-development is not of interest; it has already grown into me. I don’t have a life separate from practices, I don’t have practices separate from life. That is, spending all your time is observing yourself, the space around you.

You understand for yourself what you want. By writing down what you want on paper, you can close the question “Who am I.” From now on, look, does the company you have selected have related interests?
For what reason are you communicating? There is some kind of joint direction - so stay in this area of ​​interest.

If your interests have shifted, your company will shift too. Either someone will follow you, or they will fall off, and those who will be in tune with you in a new direction will come.

Light and Love🙏💖