About self-development

The key to everything is your consciousness!

With your consciousness you can do such a huge number of debriefings, on the mental plane, without anything, without frequencies. We just sat down in our heads and figured it out inside. And if you also have tools...

How to understand that the work was successful
Roughly speaking, if this work is not reflected in reality, that is, you don’t feel more confident, healthier, sober and have less money, then these are the wrong practices, friends. I would compare this process to what is called washing and taking a shower. We do this once or twice a day. At least once a day.

If a person does not take a shower, then in three days such a good fun will begin. In a week, I assure you, friends, there will be a lot of trouble. Don't swim for a week - no shower, nothing. I say this for comparison.

It's not a matter of having something to clean or nothing to clean. There's always something to clean up. We went to the washbasin and splashed some water on our face - a good deed! And here it’s the same, they sat on a chair, looked at the central channel and lower dantian, shook off the “garbage” - that’s it! You are already different, you really think differently.

These are the energies that influence your thinking, your desire to feel, your awareness of yourself. The very key of all mechanisms is one’s own consciousness.

The second key is correctly directed attention, that is, you gather focus at the right point, and little by little structure and a certain centering begins to appear.

If you take all the troubles, no matter how many there are, stuck in your field, and collect them all inside with your attention at the same time, they will all fall off. In the light of your consciousness, there is simply nothing for them to hold on to. Their reason for existence is only one thing - to take away your chakras and the central channel.

Launch, control and support these processes.

Light and Love🙏💖