About the Master
Valentin Voronin
Balances and harmonizes the whole entire system,cleanses, and gets rid of energy informal damages, which brings human organism to a healthy and balanced state.
Teaches seminars, courses and how to independently work with your energy body.
Travels the world and holds retreats in places of power.
Determines and diagnoses the state of the chakral system, presence of negative channels and programs.
Magister of Psychology.
Practicing Master-Teacher since 2006.
Healing Sessions of energy correction remotely and online
Removes negative external factors and issues, which cause problems in personal life.
Personal life problems and issues
Works with Ancestral and Family problems
Deep and complex work with negative ancestral programs, hereditary issues and negative ancestral karmic problems.
Restores and improves organs and systems of the physical body
Valentin's own method of working based on the system of WuXing and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Financial Problems
Removes blockages from the financial areas, improves the financial and money flow, opens new possibilities and options for best financial opportunities.
Business Crisis
Removes negative energetic blocks and issues which were done to limit or destroy someone's business.
Improves overall physical health
Cleanses energy field and removes "trash" and unneeded "debris" from the mental spheres, cleansing of the damaging energy-informational programs.
Works with physical body tensions, pressures, and blocks
Osteopathic work with Devine Frequencies, works with physical body issues and problems on the highest levels.
There are 3 different types of personal sessions
Includes a full diagnosis of the energy field, status of the physical health and mental health, removal and restoration of energy-informational breakthroughs and external negative energetic damages. Takes place remotely (using a photograph).
Cleansing of the energy field, removal of negative and destructive programs, cleansing and removal from black magic, correction of the energy structure. Restoration of the organs. Complex and precise detailed work. Takes place remotely (using a photograph).
Includes a full diagnosis and a healing session, guides you towards results for two weeks, protects you in case of attacks and damages, includes work using biodynamics and supports you using Master-Teachers' own potential.
Healing Session
Personal Meeting
Session with Valentin and other Masters of the School
Sessions take place with Valentin's best students, who are now Masters of the School.

Work is done on the problematic part of the human organism: removal and cleansing of the damaged parts and positive restorative processes are put in place. Organ or system of the body is healed and begins to function in full working order.
During the sessions a deep healing of the problematic area of the human organism takes place, taking into consideration all the factors of a particular individual. After completing a course of sessions, a youthful effect is felt, increase in libido, go away things such as: headaches, disease, joint pains, etc.
Business – is a conglomeration of peoples' potentials, who created that structure, control it and its constituents. As with any other structure, energy field of the business is a foundation of its success.
Session is dedicated to removal and cleansing of the negative channels in the financial sphere. You will receive immense energy and inspiration to build a successful, safe and protected life.
Valentin's path began from when he was 23 years old, faced with several serious health problems, damaged relationships, and family struggles. Having reached rock-bottom of his emotional, spiritual and physical health, Valentin understood: this isn't a way to live anymore.

Disappointed in his personal ideologies, he decided to ignore without analyzing any and every thought that came to him. With that, his process of transformation began, and he experienced a moment of awake and enlightened consciousness – a SATORI.

Interview with Valentin Voronin.
After extensive studying in various schools, places of power and Satsang's from other Masters, having read books of great spiritual teachers of past – Valentin created his own system of self-development of a person, a system where health can be restored and improved.

In 2012 he created a school of self-development "White Mirror", where thousands of students attend retreats, courses, and lectures.
40 frequencies of the Masters set ("Buddhist" and "Magic" blocks) and 31 frequency of the Pearl set of Cosmoenergy.
3 levels of Usui Reiki Rioho, initiation into the Reiki Master and a number of Valentin's original practices.
Valentin's own unique teachnology for working with the energy structure of a person.
Meditations for cleansing and restoration, meditations and practices such as Reiki, Zazen, "Hollow Bamboo", "Inner Smile".
Osho Meditations
Trance (Dynamic) meditation, No Dimension, Nataraj, Kundalini, etc.
Biodynamic Centering
Self-regulation and self-healing practices
Valentin's Unique Energy Flows and Frequencies
5 Elements (for working with the organs): heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys, liver. Endocrine Set of frequencies: for restoration and improvement of the endocrine system. Sattva and Shakti flows: for working with ascending and descending flows including the meridians and chakras. Ancestral Channel: for working with and cleansing the ancestral and family tree. Bodhisattva Reiki – unique and universal energy flow. Osteopathic Flow: for working with and releasing blocks and pressures and many more

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