These are some of the most powerful transformational techniques that will help you to free your unconscious mind from limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions, and grievances and stress that you have accumulated in your life.
Osho dynamic meditations are an effective tool for self-improvement.
If you feel unable to quiet your mind in a meditation, then these meditations are what you have been looking for!
Physical activity is always followed by a state of silence.
Original music recorded by Osho's students under his guidance, special movements and a well-balanced combination of active and still stages provide amazing results!

It is easy to acquire Osho meditation skills.
Just follow the instructions given in a video lesson.
Induces mindfulness
Provides control over the flow of thoughts
Helps to direct energy flow into the abdominal area, thus strengthening lower chakras
Improves realisation in social life and monetary flow
Helps to sustain high energy levels
All transformation processes happen in a special state, a state of submersion, trance, or hypnosis. It doesn't matter what name we give it, but this state should be a little bit stressful for a person, pushing them out of a comfort zone.

When you practice rotating and dancing movements, you easily and spontaneously step out of the borders that your mind has created for you.

I like this technique very much. I still practice it myself and I have included it into my retreat programmes. I am adamant that it helps people to readjust, shift the balance towards their internal state, and transform themselves deeper and more effectively.

I recommend practicing these meditations at least 2 -3 times a week, but it would be the best to do this every day. If you practice this method every day, then in 1 – 1.5 months you will definitely see some great results.
Founder of the White Mirror self-development school
Valentin Voronin
You will identify spasms and weak points
You will remove internal blockages that constrict the proper energy flow
You will get rid of grievances and blockages
You will feel unburdened and free
OSHO meditation "Kundalini"
This is a great meditation at the end of a working day. The stage of active shaking movements is followed with a dance, a sitting period and a still lying stage.

To tell you the truth, if you shake as hard as you can, you will feel pain in the blocked areas, the areas where the energy flow gets stuck. You will feel that it is really hard to move.

At some point in my life my third chakra was not in a good shape, and I was continuously getting the same reaction – sharp pains in my stomach, hard to bear. I managed to get rid of that problem eventually, and haven't had this problem during the Osho meditation any more.

Kundalini is my favourite Osho meditation. It is a real treasure: you have got rid of all external influences after a session, when I worked with you and removed all magic influences and structures; you are free of them, but you still have your own internal issues. This practice is a great way to deal with those.
Founder of the White Mirror self-development school
Valentin Voronin
Valentin Voronin
Balances and harmonizes the whole entire system,cleanses, and gets rid of energy informal damages, which brings human organism to a healthy and balanced state.
Teaches seminars, courses and how to independently work with your energy body.
Travels the world and holds retreats in places of power.
Determines and diagnoses the state of the chakral system, presence of negative channels and programs.
Magister of Psychology.
Practicing Master-Teacher since 2006.
You can practice with Valentine in any convenient place, having access to recordings.
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