New Transfer of Power

Online video course by Valentin Voronin

Everything you need to know about the human energy field

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Your guide in the world of energy!
Who is this course for?
for those who are looking for knowledge about the human energy structure, but do not know where to start;
for those who are at the beginning of the path of studying energy, cosmoenergy and working with the aura;
for those who have already studied Cosmoenergy, Reiki or other methods working with the energy field;
for those who want to learn how to protect themselves from negative influences and fill themselves with energy every day;
for those who want to get attuned to the newly created frequencies from the Divine Hierarchy-Sattva, Shakti, Osteopathic flow;
weeks of self-improvement (recommended amount)
classes per week - 3 )
initiations into energy flows:
Reiki Stage 1, Osteopathic,
Sattva and Shakti
video lectures with valuable knowledge of human personal potential and energy, training on basic practices
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Energy can be controlled!

The essence of understanding energy -

Informational flows and fields in the modern society are completely disregarded. It is still difficult for a person to understand that their energy field is information about themself. Just as energy exists - there are ways to use it in different situations, there is health, there is success, there is life. If there is no energy — there is nothing.

With over 15 years of practical experience of working with energy - informational fields I know how to save and multiply it and I will try to explain it in as much detail as possible whithin this course

The course is designed for 3 weeks. It consists of 9 classes, 3 classes per week. There is a video recording for each lesson. In addition, there will be an initiation into Reiki (1st level), attunement to new frequency flows: (Sattva and Shakti), and initiation into the Osteopathic Flow. The Attunement will take place for everyone online.

Looking forward to the classes!

-Valentin Voronin
spiritual coach
What is included in the course program?
Each one of Valentin's techniques are powerful tools to reveal your own energy potential and inner vision.

The course contains techniques and initiations that will help you understand the basics of working with energies
9 live broadcasted recordings
about the nature of the energy field,
a person's individual potential,
where the potential goes, how to work with it and how to restore your energy
Hollow bamboo
Basic meditation
Analysis of the meditation on which most practices are based

Reiki, 1st level
Energy of love, power and light
This technique is considered the art of achieving happiness and harmony. With this energy, you will learn to work naturally with your body and soul.
Upward flow
Initiation into the flow to work with ascending energy. The female flow. Restores the female libido, fills the body, removes all blockages along the Central channel on the maternal line.
Osteopathy flow
Working with internal energy blockages
Initiation into the flow for working with the body.
Starts healing processes in the body. After the training, you will be able to independently find energy blockages and spasms in your body that negatively affect the physical body.
Downward flow
Initiation into the flow for working with the mind and body. Calms, fills and restores. Complements the flow of Shakti, balances it. Works with blockages on the Central channel on the father's line.
Revised Systemic Canstellations technique
Working with the information field
Analysis of the concept of the information field and theories based on "Movements of the Spirit-Mind" by Hellinger. Learning how to work with your own field of options and selfinquiry for a way out of "unsolvable situations"
Biodynamic centering
Balance of power and clarity of mind
You will manage the mechanisms of self-regulation and self-organization. This will help you set up a harmonious relationship with the outside world.
Techniques for building protection
Energy security
Practice of building energy field protection against negative environmental impact
What you will learn:
Do not miss the chance to understand yourself!
What is the Potential of a person
How can external influence help? What power do Initiations have?
Learn to work with the energies, chakras, and aura
How to meditate correctly
How potential is redistributed in a family and group of people
The concept of an information field. The possibility connections to the theories based on "Movements of the Spirit-Mind" by Hellinger
Who can feed off/catch your potential and why. How to protect yourself
How to find and remove psychosomatic blockages and tensions
What is Personal power and what is the power of nonverbal agreements?
How to work with received initiations
About the master
Valentin Voronin
Spiritual Coach, practitioner, Master of Cosmoenergy,
Reiki Master, Osteopath, meditation Teacher, Traveler
Founder of the White Mirror School of self-development.

Diagnoses the chakral system, the energy field of a person,
and harmonizes physical and mental problems of people.

Conducts group classes, individual consultations,
receptions - personally and remotely.

Travels the World and conducts Retreats to places of Power.
Students' feedback
Everything that Valentin gives is worth it! I declare that with full confidence! I started with the Inner Smile meditation (which is on the site), then Power Transfer 1, 2, joined a retreat (this is a separate story, hard to describe with words - it's amazing!). This course is great! Super informative! Be sure that everyone, from a beginner to an experienced practitioner, will fine some new information and make lots of things clear for themselves! The energies are magic! After the initiation I was able to quickly resolve the problems I had been working on for half a year with the Cosmoenergy Frequencies, and a year and a half with Reiki. Let me express my gratitude to Valentin in public, as I do it every time after a practice! Wish everybody harmony and love!
Sergey Korotaev
I first began to feel something, the energies of people, places, and then I turned to the esoteric theories to understand what it is and what to do about it. I also studied with other masters, read a lot, but there it was just a theory. Valentin is a practitioner, and with such outstanding results! At first I just enjoyed the new sensations of energies flows. And only now I realize that the goal is not sensation, but that we can change ourselves and change our life with such powerful methods! In this school I made a decision which side to choose. Before that I was keen on magic, but everything there was operating on low vibrations and gave rather unpleasant sensations.
Svetlana Tsyganova
Valentin, thank you for the course. Despite my age, it was my first time as a student at such an event. I was pleasantly surprised by how the knowledge you give was in accordance with my beliefs. The powerful energies you are transmitting are a wonderful tool for everyone's self-development. It was only my first experience and I am keen to continue. But it is also very exciting, so much information and depth. It was a gift for me, thank you.
Thank you Valentin for this wonderful course! The information given at the course is exhaustive and easy to comprehend. Energies are powerful; it's a great method to recover the energy levels and develop perception, to solve all the problems. Thank you immensely for this gift. As always, you are sincere and supportive, you make this world better. I wish you sincerely further fruitful discoveries in yourself and the development of the school.
I join everyone saying thank you to Valentin and the Universe for the opportunity to study. The course turned out to be full with information, even if it would not have practices and initiation, it would still be incredibly informative. I listened to the lectures several times. You can directly take a pen and write down every word you hear. A lot becomes clear and as if you had already known this, the information does not come as a surprise. Even at my first meeting with Valentin on YouTube, there was an understanding right away, "Here it is!" Finally, someone will explain everything. Therefore, we all gathered here, just like me, in search of the miracle, or the truth for ourselves, This truth may be unique for everyone, but there in only one way to get it, no matter when you begin . Of course, I want to get all the initiations already, but I decided to first deal with these 5 energy flows, as Valentine said to take our time, and I completely agree with him. There are no strong sensations, but sometimes a sense of volume comes and the body even seems to expand, but not always. I do everything while sitting, but yesterday I decided to stand up with Shakti. Our house is cold; I do not turn on the heating, as it gets too hot and dry. You feel fine when moving, but it gets quite cold if you sit down for a while. I activated Shakti and began to feel warm, then hot, then more and more, but not fast, rather slowly, and my body was cold all the way up, and hot below, amazing. And then it got to the top and I was hot everywhere, and then I began to feel worse, with nausea, which comes not from the stomach, but from under the diaphragm. Probably I wasn't standing for a long time, but tried as much as I could. I had to shut down the flow and lie down, and then activated Sattva in a sitting position. I have a lot of grievances, I can't deal with them myself, I hope that I can do at least something now. Some memories are surfacing, but I don't know if any of the blockages are releasing or not, it feels like this is still a warm-up of the mind, it is trying to collect the garbage from all the hiding places. I expect to feel worse quite often while practicing, I am afraid. Overall this is a gentle process; there is no Wow-effect. Thank you everyone who is sharing their feelings, this is of course great to share with new recruits. We appreciate it. Thank you! And thanks again to Valentin for the invaluable information. Light and Love.
Olga Pozdnyakova
Classes are over and it is sad to say good bye to our meetings, but so much warm feelings are still with us! I want to express my gratitude to you, Thank you for your patience, for love, for your sense of humour. For knowledge!!! And yes, the energies that you transmit are powerful! When my son is sick, his temperature rises sharply, almost to 40 °C, and it takes about an hour and a half to bring it down to 38.5 °. It could take all night and day. This time I applied the Bodhisattva Reiki flow for about 15 minutes. And the result was immediate. After 30 minutes, temperature returned to normal again. And it didn't rise anymore. I had the Reiki 1-st level. But I have never felt such power as from a Bodhisattva Reiki. The flow gets active very quickly, palms are burning! If it could be seen, then it would look like huge beams emanating from the palms. In the classroom, while listening to you and at the same time doing what you are talking about, the physical world just disappears and you go to another world. And you know, you get warm and calm inside. You feel the absolute trust. I will work hard. And I'll join a retreat next time.
I saw Valentine on YouTube. I immediately liked his reasoning. I decided to take an online course. The result exceeded all expectations! Many times I felt a surge of strength and some physical pain was healed. For example, my spine hurt for several years, and during yoga practice my head started to hurt. All this has already gone away during the course. Now I want to move on and get the astrological matrices. I recommend Valentin as a master. In general, I'm still a little shocked. This whole principle is generally something new for me. I already feel the energy from these flows, such heat in my body as after a good practice. This is really surprising that you do not have to physically prepare, it just activates from your mental intention. Yes, Valentin is very accessible in this regard, there is really nowhere else you could get this information.
I've been studying at the White Mirror School not for a long time, about 5 months. The New Power Transfer course has proven extremely useful! I believe that the knowledge that Valentin shares during this course should be recognized by all people! This is foundation knowledge; this is what everyone should know! The new streams of Sattva and Shakti are very powerful; they clean the male and female energy channels well. Hellinger's Systemic Constellations within your own field of perception - it's just awesome! It helps you to understand yourself and let go of those very "stale mud clumps" that are so hard to part with. A good presentation, appropriate humour and useful information - this is what you will get on this course! I am very grateful to Valentin for such an opportunity to get in touch with the world of energies!
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