Powerful New Year's Retreat with Valentin Voronin in the NEW FORMAT!
Upgrade yourself to next level in the New Year
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Retreat to Dubai with Valentin Voronin is not only an incredible journey into an oriental fairy tale, but also an opportunity to get in touch with yourself, with your structure and energy.
Al Thanyah 1Barsha Heights - Hessa St - Dubai - ОАЭ
December 30th – January 8th
3 500$
Many people already changed their lives together with us at our retreats in Turkey, Bali and other incredible places.
About Master-Teacher
Valentin Voronin
Balances and harmonizes the whole entire system,cleanses, and gets rid of energy informal damages, which brings human organism to a healthy and balanced state.
Teaches seminars, courses and how to independently work with your energy body.
Travels the world and holds retreats in places of power.
Determines and diagnoses the state of the chakral system, presence of negative channels and programs.
Magister of Psychology.
Practicing Master-Teacher since 2006.
Dubai – is an ideal place to completely reset and renew your mind, body and consciousness.

The most mysterious and incredibly rich city in the Middle East, Dubai. It greets you with sunny weather, warm sea and that special atmosphere of a luxurious resort.

Dubai in a few words: the biggest, the tallest, the most luxurious. It is exactly here where our retreat will take place, where the Arabian fairy tale was born.

At this retreat you will learn to truly feel yourself and your body, you will learn how to work with energy, chakras and aura. You will learn how to restore your health and your emotional well-being, discover your unique abilities to feel the world in a new way. This isn't just an adventure, with the help of Valentin's unique methods, meditations and various techniques you will have a chance to unpack and work through psychosomatic blocks, release pressures and tensions, remove and untie karmic knots and ancestral ties. You will learn how to balance your organism at an energetic level. Besides all this, you will meet like-minded friends who will support and help you during and after the retreat.

The right knowledge passed on in the right place will raise the level of your vibrations and consciousness to the next level.
How often do you tell yourself "It's time for a change", but continue to live in your comfort zone? Typical scenario, when we exist in the familiar and routine life, which we are so often bored of and sometimes really dislike, but any change is scary. This is a typical human state – seek safety. Retreat – is a chance to drastically make a real change. This is a meeting with your true self in a new, and often unique and special place. To find out more about the essence and significance of a retreat, watch the video below.
Every single one of the techniques from Valentin Voronin – is a powerful instrument to discover your personal energy potential, inner vision and understanding.
Synthesis of these practices during the retreat will help you to reach the depth of healing and expand the boundaries of your perception of the world.
Every retreat is unique, a program and a format is created during the retreat itself. Master looks at everyone who attends and decides which exact practices are best for everyone.
Techniques we will learn at the retreat:
Individual work with every single participant to bring them to the next level.
Lectures and detailed explanations how to work with new frequencies and energy flows from the Divine set.
Group meditations for deep immersion in resonance with the Master.
Work with chakras.
Accumulation of potentials and how to retain them.
Unpacking and releasing ancestral dysfunctions
Attunement into "Divine Alignment" and "Divine Healing"
Bonus for everyone who attends the retreat in person!
3 500$
Во время ретрита вы можете дополнительно приобрести услуги, инструменты и обучающие материалы
стоимость ретрита
Сонастройка в Мастерский блок Космоэнергетики c обновлением - 40 частот
Сонастройка в Рейки (ступень определяется индивидуально)
Авторские техники, практики и лекции Валентина Воронина
Посещение мест силы, экскурсионная программа
Сонастройка в Первый блок Астрологических Матриц для работы с чакрами
Сонастройка во Второй блок Астрологических Матриц
Сонастройка в частоты для работы “5 элементов” для работы с внутренними органами
Сонастройка в частоты для работы “5 элементов" для работы с эндокринной системой
Видео-курс РэйКи, III-ступень
Видео-курс РэйКи, II-ступень
Видео-курс РэйКи, I-ступень
По запросу
Органические инструменты для работы с формулой управления энергетических потоков внутри ментального тела (зубы мамонта, авторские ножи)
Сонастройка в частоты Род для работы с родовыми, кармическими программами
Оплачивается отдельно
Отель (помогаем с бронированием)
Оплачивается самостоятельно
Оплачивается самостоятельно
Перелет в Дубай
Трансфер от аэропорта до отеля
Оплачивается самостоятельно
Индивидуальный сеанс исцеления и персональная консультация у Валентина Воронина