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With yourself, with the world, with the people around you.
Couple relationships, family relationships, relationships within a group - all the interesting topics, everything that worries you - we will break down together at this retreat!
Powerful Retreat with Valentin Voronin in the new format!
Main topic of this Retreat:
2 : 22 : 36 : 60

До начала ретрита осталось:
Прежде чем оплатить, согласуйте свое участие с менеджерами
Valentin Voronin will teach an expanded course about how to work with people.
Retreat on an island of Bali with Valentin Voronin - is not only an incredible adventure on a wonderful island, but is a chance to come in contact with yourself, with your inner structure and energy.
Also, at our retreat you will:
learn to feel and connect with yourself and your body;
learn to restore your physical and emotional health;
discover new unique abilities, and begin to feel and perceive the world in a new way;
release tensions and pressures;
untie karmic knots and ancestral cords;
meet new like-minded people, who will support you during and after the retreat;
February 22nd
Many people have already changed their lives with us!
Valentin Voronin
Balances and harmonizes the whole entire system,cleanses, and gets rid of energy informal damages, which brings human organism to a healthy and balanced state.
Teaches seminars, courses and how to independently work with your energy body.
Travels the world and holds retreats in places of power.
Determines and diagnoses the state of the chakral system, presence of negative channels and programs.
Magister of Psychology.
Practicing Master-Teacher since 2006.
What awaits you at the retreat?
Bali - is an ideal place to completely reset and recharge, to renew your mind, body and consciousness.

Unique beauty of Asian nature - waterfalls, volcanos, jungles, and rice fields - will place you in a completely different reality.

Excursions to Places of Power and ancient Temples will leave you with unforgettable experiences.

During the retreat you will learn how to feel yourself, your body, and learn how to work with energies, chakras and aura. You will learn how to restore yourself, your health and your emotional state, open unique abilities to feel and see the world differently.

You aren't just going on an adventure, with the help of Master-Teacher's personal methods and various techniques, you will be able to unblock and unpack psychosomatic problems, release tensions and pressures, untie karmic knots and ancestral ties.

You will learn how to balance yourself and your body on an energetic level. Aside from that, you will also meet new like minded individuals who will support you during and after the retreat!

Unique knowledge, transferred and shared in the right place will raise your vibrations and the level of your consciousness.

How often do you tell yourself "It's time for a change", but continue to live in your comfort zone? Typical scenario, when we exist in the familiar and routine life, which we are so often bored of and sometimes really dislike, but any change is scary. This is a typical human state – seek safety. Retreat – is a chance to drastically make a real change. This is a meeting with your true self in a new, and often unique and special place. To find out more about the essence and significance of a retreat, watch the video below.
Every single one of the techniques from Valentin Voronin – is a powerful instrument to discover your personal energy potential, inner vision and understanding.

Synthesis of these practices during the retreat will help you to reach the depth of healing and expand the boundaries of your perception of the world.

Every retreat is unique, a program and a format is created during the retreat itself. Master looks at everyone who attends and decides which exact practices are best for everyone.

What techniques will we learn?
Energy of healing in your hands
Cosmoenergy is transferred from Master-Teacher to student during a in person attunement. With this attunement you will learn how to control energy, will be able to cleanse your energy field from negative effects and accumulate energy.
Using the energy of Reiki - you will learn a natural way to work with your body and soul. During receival of unique knowledge and after an attunement, you will be able to use the energy of the Universe to harmonize the human body using the palms of your hands. This technique is considered an art of reaching happiness and harmony.
Energy of Love, Power and Light
You will learn to scan, read and interpret energy field of a person
You will learn the technique of recognizing energy disturbances in the human field and, under the guidance of the Master, will be able to hone a new skill in practice.
Work with the body and the mind
During every retreat Valentin shares practices and techniques of working on yourself, which helped him on his path of growth and development.
Authors' Practices
Energy Scan
Sacred Water Temple Sebatu
Waterfall which cleanses the head and the mind from mad thoughts and charges with new energy. A truly powerful place!
Besakih Temple
The biggest,most ancient and the most important temple on the side of a mount Agung
Visiting ancient temples
Unique and amazing temples in Bali will leave you in awe.
Hot Springs
Unique gathering of thermal pools at the bottom of the volcano
Amazing Beaches
Powerful energies of the Ocean will help you to renew and replenish with new energy and life!
Places of Power
Learn to feel and sense natural energies at one the most energetically powerful islands in the world.
Included in the price of the retreat.
BONUS - attunement into the new set of frequencies - newest development from the Master!