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The best way to find out about the quality of a product is to ask those who have used it. I suggest looking at the reviews of those who have been studying at our school for a long time. These are real people, you can find them on the Internet and ask questions about the quality of our training. You can also join the general chat "White Mirror School" on WhatsApp after you leave a request to the managers and ask any questions there.
Founder of the White Mirror school
Valentin Voronin
  • Victoria
    New Power Transmission Course
    I have been studying at the White Mirror School not so long ago, about 5 months. The New Power Transfer course was extremely helpful! I believe that the knowledge that Valentin conveys in this course should be learned by all people! This is a necessary base, this is what everyone should know! The new flows of Sattva and Shakti are very powerful, they clean well the flows along the male and female lines. Hellinger arrangement within your own field of perception is simply amazing! It really helps to understand yourself and let go of those "stagnant lumps of dirt" that are so difficult to part with)))) Good presentation, relevant advice and useful information - that's what you will get in this course! I am very grateful to Valentin for this opportunity to come into contact with the world of energies! =)
  • Tatiana
    New Power Transmission Course
    Valentin, thank you for the course. Despite my very advanced age, this is my first time as a student at such an event. I was pleasantly surprised at how consonant I was with what I heard in your classes. What powerful energies you broadcast, they are, of course, excellent tools for working on your development. I just touched it, and I want to move on. But it's also very exciting, there's so much information and depth. It was a gift for me, thank you🙏🙏🙏
  • Kirill
    New Power Transmission Course
    Thank you Valentin for this wonderful course! The information component is compiled very well, detailed and understandable for perception, a lot of information🙏🤗The energies are very strong, this is an excellent tool for restoring and developing perception and working through yourself😊Thank you immensely for this gift🌈🚀 I feel, as always, this sincerity and support from you by completing the course, you make this world a better place 🌍🌳I sincerely wish you further fruitful self-discovery and development of the school 🙏
  • Svetlana Tsyganova
    New Power Transmission Course
    I first started to feel something, the energies of people, places, and then I came to esotericism to understand what it was and what to do with it. I also learned from others, read a lot, but there it was all just theory... And Valentin is a practitioner and with such outstanding results!🙂 At first I was simply drawn to the new sensations of flows and energies. And only now I realize that the goal is not sensations, but the fact that we can change ourselves very much and change our lives with such powerful tools! And here I also decided how to say with the direction on whose side...) Before that I was carried away by magic... But everything there is at low vibrations, it felt very unpleasant...
  • Olga Pozdnyakova
    New Power Transmission Course
    I, in turn, like everyone else, thank Valentin and the Universe for the opportunity to learn🙏🙏🙏 The course turned out to be very rich, even if it didn't have practices and initiation, it was still incredibly informative. I listen to it several times. You can just take a pen and write down every word. A lot becomes clear and as if you already knew it, there is no surprise at this information, however, there was none on the first date with Valentin on YouTube. There was an immediate understanding, here it is! Finally someone will explain everything. Therefore, we have all gathered here, everyone, like me, is in search of the miraculous, namely truth for ourselves, maybe everyone has their own, but there is only one path and we started it, some earlier, some later. Of course, I want to get all the initiations, but I decided to deal with these 5 threads first. As Valentin said quietly, I completely agree with him. There are no strong sensations, but sometimes a feeling of volume comes and the body even seems to expand, but not always. I do everything while sitting, but yesterday I decided to stand on Shakti. It's cold in our house, I don't turn on the heating, otherwise it's too hot and dry. Well, that is, while in motion, it's normal. It's cool when you sit down. Shakti turned on. I began to feel warmth, then heat, and higher and higher, but not quickly, but somehow slowly, and my body felt cold at the top, but hot at the bottom, amazingly. And then it got to the top and it became hot everywhere, and then I started to feel sick)) And nausea that comes not from the stomach, but from under the diaphragm. It probably didn't last long, but it stuck as long as it could. I had to turn off the stream and lie down, then sat under Satva. I have a lot of grievances, I can't cope with them myself, I hope that I can do at least something now. Pictures of memories are creeping in, but I don't know if anything is bursting or not, it feels like this is still a warm-up for the mind, it's trying to pull out garbage from all its hiding places. As things progress, I will often get worse)) But otherwise I feel everything softly, there are no wows. But what other guys describe is, of course, great to share with recruits. We appreciate it. Thank you!🙏 And thanks again to Valentin for the invaluable information. Light and Love.🙏🙏🙏
  • Elena
    New Power Transmission Course
    Classes are over....and it's a little sad that there will be no meetings, BUT! but how much warmth is left!!! I would like to express my gratitude to you, Thank you! 💜💜💜 For patience.... For love.... For humor.... For knowledge!!!!!! And yes, the energies that you transmit are powerful! When my son is sick, his temperature rises sharply, almost to 40° and drops in about an hour and a half, to 38.5°. And so all night... and day. I used BODHISATTVA REIKI for about 15 minutes. And the result was not long in coming. After 30 minutes the temp. fine. And I didn't rise again...... I had a 1st degree reiki initiation from another master. But I have never felt such power as from Bodhisattva Reiki. I just feel like the flood is covering me, my palms are burning! If it could be seen, then it was like huge rays emanating from the palms. 🔥💫 In class, listening to you and at the same time doing what you are talking about, the physical world simply disappears and you go into another space.... And you know it's warm and calm inside. Absolute trust. I will work hard. And I will come to you for a retreat.💜🙏
  • Andrey
    New Power Transmission Course
    I saw Valentin on YouTube. I immediately liked his reasoning. I decided to take an online course. The result exceeded all expectations! I instantly felt a surge of strength and some physical pain was healed. For example, my spine hurt for several years, and when practicing yoga, my head began to hurt. All this went away during the course. Now I want to move on and purchase astrological matrices. I recommend Valentin to everyone as a master.)) In general, I'm still a little shocked) this is actually something new for me, this whole principle.)) I already feel the energy from these flows) such a heat in the body) like after good practice) this principle surprises me)) that he just said it and went)) there is no need to physically exert himself) Yes, Valentin is very accessible in this regard) there is really no such explanation anywhere))
  • Sergey Korotaev
    New Power Transmission Course
    Everything that Valentin gives is "worth it"! I declare with complete confidence! I started with Smile (which is on the website), then Transfer of Power 1, 2, and was on a retreat (it's quite difficult to describe this separate story in words - it's wonderful). This course is VERY cool! Super informative! I am sure that each participant, both a beginner and a practicing "student", learned a lot of new and timely missing things! The energies are magical! From the moment of initiation, I managed to clear away what I had been clumsily picking at for half a year with KEN frequencies and for a year and a half with Reiki. I thank Valentin, once again publicly, for his work, as well as every time at the end of each of my practices! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Harmony and love to everyone! 🙏🏼
  • Irina Panikarskaya
    Course "Transmission of force" 3rd stage
    Hi all. I would like to share my feelings during and after undergoing initiation into the 3rd stage. During the process, there was a feeling that a canal had been punched from the crown along the spine. In the morning - a feeling of joy, just like that. At the beginning of meditation after opening Reiki, the flow is much stronger and like being turned on by a switch. A diagnosis was also made to a relative. Valentin described the person and the problems so correctly, just looking at the face of the photograph, that once again you are amazed. The word "Strength" comes to mind. I am glad that I am in this school and with such a Master. Valentin and team, thanks again for the work you are doing, good luck and success in everything!