Wednesdays: 8am – Bodhisattva Reiki
9am – VIP – Meditation

Saturdays: 8am – Bodhisattva Reiki
9am – VIP – Meditation


Valentin Voronin
Balances and harmonizes the whole entire system,cleanses, and gets rid of energy informal damages, which brings human organism to a healthy and balanced state.
Teaches seminars, courses and how to independently work with your energy body.
Travels the world and holds retreats in places of power.
Determines and diagnoses the state of the chakral system, presence of negative channels and programs.
Master of Psychology.
Practicing Master-Teacher since 2006.
During the live stream Valentin performs individual work with a group of people attending the VIP circle. Initiates and begins the processes and programs for cleansing/restoration/harmonization by the systems and structures of the human body, depending on the dysfunctions found of those participating in a "VIP" circle.

Work takes place individually with every participant, even if a person watches them recorded, anytime after they took place. They are just as effective watched live as watched recorded.

During "VIP" circles, Valentin removes negative and destructive energy-informational constructions, energetic damages and breakthroughs, negative channels, ties, and cords, - everything that prevents a positive and harmonious state.

What is an energy breakthrough?

Energy Breakthrough or Energy Informational Damage – is an invasive damage and destruction of your Energetic Cocoon/Field.

Human beings are extremely complex, and many people know that around the physical body exists an Aura – Energy Field/Shell. When the Energy Field and its Shells are whole and intact – the person feels good and resourceful. Holes and Raptures in the Energy Shell feel differently depending on the nature of the invasive damage. It is always an unpleasant experience.

Energy Breakthrough is an external invasive damaging affect on the energy-informational field, after which a hole forms in the energy field structure, without direct contact.

For example, you are sitting still and drinking tea, and someone using your photograph from social media, intently and specifically performs a negative and damaging affect on you, with clearly ill-minded goals and wishes. What exactly is being performed and done you, I may not be able to say – it's not my area of expertise, but they are definitely doing something dark and destructive – black magic. Love Spells can also be included in that category.

In this moment, the result of the negative work that was being done to you, invades your energy field, a sudden pressure in any area may appear. You may not even feel anything, because most of the people are focused on the external processes, social and other matters.

The result of such energy informational breakthroughs is expressed as: sudden drop in mood, accidents, traumas, depressions, etc. A person begins to deteriorate. Various problems appear in the social sphere, psychological and physical health, personal areas of life, etc.

This is an energy-informational breakthrough – black magic work done towards you. In this case, there is nothing you can do yourself. To get rid of, cleanse and remove such damages, can only a professional with a higher level of experience and expertise than those who did negative work towards you.

VIP – circles cleanse and remove external energy pressures and damages from a person.

After cleansing, Valentin initiates and starts energy and informational programs to restore various systems, organs and tissues of the human body. Every practice is focused on specific organs or systems.

This is serious work, compatible to an individual consultation.

There are some differences between an individual consultation and a VIP circle. During a consultation the work is performed with you and only you. During VIP meditations, work is being done with a more broad group of people, and if the energy informational damage is too great of a potential it may not be removed during one VIP meditation.

You can purchase access to Bodhisattva Reiki meditations for 24 hours or for one month.

You can also purchase access to a complete "VIP" circle (Boddhisattva Reiki + VIP meditation) for 24 hours or full month of live steams.

Before making a purchase, please speak to our managers. Approval required before participation.
8300 ₽
Access: 24 hours

Live mediation to cleanse, restore and harmonize organs and systems of the human body + Bodhisattva Reiki meditation.
24000 ₽
Access: 1 month

VIP Circles (including Bodhisattva Reiki meditations) steamed live and access to the recorded broadcasts during the entire month. If you participate the following month, you will retain access to all previous broadcasts and meditations.
15 000 ₽
Access: 4 months

6 VIP – meditations recorded live broadcasts to restore the potentials of the 5 main organs:
Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver.
83 000 ₽
Access: 4 months

Full circle (34) VIP – meditations previously recorded to cleanse from negative programs and restore the potentials of all systems and organs of the body.

Attunement into an energy flow of Reiki for inner work and self-development, including all necessary practices for beginners and for those learning to keep growing.
If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact our Admins.
  • Question:
    How long do VIP meditations last?
    Up to an hour.
    You will need access to the internet from your phone, tablet, or pc.

  • Question:
    In what format can I share my feedback?
    You will be added to a WhatsApp "VIP" group chat with Valentin, where you will be able to share the changes that are taking place and ask your questions.
  • Question:
    Can I watch the VIP meditations if I can't make it to the live VIP streams?
    Yes, VIP meditations are just as powerful if watched recorded as during live streams.
  • Question:
    When do I make a payment?
    After you speak with our managers. Valentin will take a look at your photo and advise if you can participate in VIP circles or if something else will be more beneficial for you.
  • Question:
    Will I be able to speak with Valentin?
    You will be able to ask questions and share your experience in the group VIP chat. However, if you book a consultation, you will be able to speak to Valentin directly.
  • Question:
    Do I need to contact Valentin the next day?
    There is no need to contact Valentin.
  • Question:
    I want to purchase VIP or other meditations for my mother, brother, daughter, it is possible?
    This is possible only if the other person who will be watching the VIP meditations agrees to it. If they agree – either you or they can send the photo to the managers.
  • Question:
    If I purchase access to the VIP meditations, can I watch them with my mother, brother, child, husband/wife, etc.?
    No. Access is allowed only for the person who was approved and purchased the VIP meditations. In instances with young children, this can be decided on case-by-case basis. Any attempts to break the rules of watching and participating in the meditations will have a negative impact and effects.
  • Question:
    What did he see? What are the results? What to expect?
    If you underwent scanning and diagnostics, Valentin will tell you about your state and what is best to work with in your case.
  • Question:
    When do live VIP circles take place?
    Please speak to our managers for the most updated schedules.
  • Question:
    Can I make my payment in multiple parts?
    In certain cases, this is possible. If you already discussed this with Valentin and he agreed, please show the screenshot of the conversation to the managers.
  • Question:
    Can I signup now, but make a payment closer to the meditation?
    Yes, its possible. Payment has to be received at least 24 hours prior to the meditation.
  • Question:
    I already made a payment, do I have to contact Valentin?
    There is no need to contact Valentin. You will be added to the private group VIP chat. Our manager will provide you with all details.
  • Question:
    Does Valentin need to see me during the VIP meditation?
    No, live streams are one-way video feeds, where you will only be seeing Valentin.
  • Question:
    I am recording my feelings, sensations and observations into a notebook. Who do I send it to? To Valentin?
    A notebook or a diary is needed for you to more closely monitor your personal progress. No need to send it to anyone, but you may refer to it to for comparison.
  • Question:
    Do you work on Saturdays and Sundays?
  • Question:
    I have an issue with my health / I have a certain problem or illness – how in my case is it recommended to undergo healing from Valentin?
    You can signup for a diagnosis scanning with Valentin, he will check and explain what he sees and whether or no he can work with this. Additionally, if you have medical diagnosis and results from your doctors, let our managers know about them as well.
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