Frequency Flow derived from the Divine Hierarchy, helping to receive and acquire information and knowledge from the subconscious.
Divine Immersion is an energy flow created by Valentin Voronin. It activates the right cerebral hemisphere and the field of the head. It stimulates a deeper immersion into a process and aids in receiving information and knowledge from subconscious about any process, problem, issue or structure of a person or any other system.

Origin and source of Valentin's energy flows – Divine Hierarchy. They differ and are unique in that they are more specialized in their work to help solve specific dysfunctions and problems in the field of a human being. They don't require a long time to develop, they work immediately and right away, regardless of the level of your spiritual growth.

Cleanses all entry points of informational channels of a human.

Cleanses from personal negative mental programs, engrams, destructive templates and patterns.

Cleanses and tunes the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious.

Cleanses, restores and improves mental and spiritual planes of a person.

Energy flow from Valentin Voronin
Restores memory, helps in learning – gives an ability to "immerse" into the studying, learning and doing of something: paint, write a book, study, etc.

Aids in receiving of informational flows.

Extremely positive and ideally works with Ajna chakra and the field of the human head, central channel, connection between Earth and Sky.

Aids in entering conscious or lucid dreams and the states of pure meditation.

With the help of Divine Immersion it becomes possible to enter a deep, trance like state by using autogenic training (auto-training).

Autogenic training for a deep immersion is recorded via a special technique using Valentin's voice.

Trance-like state – is a state of deep expansion of the consciousness, which can be resourceful and beneficial to help solve various dilemmas, problems, and questions. It can be easily achieved with this energy flow.

Achieving such a deep state of expanded consciousness, can be used to go deeply into the process to understand and find a solution of a problem or situation.

You choose a direction with a question with which you want to work with, activate the energy flow, immerse into the trance-like state, go deeply into the process and work with the processes picked by you.

Deep Immersion is also quite beneficial in situations where the sleep cycle has been disturbed. For example, during times of immense pressure, stress, or jet lag after very long flights.

To work with Deep Immersion energy flow, one needs to lay down with arms and legs to the side, into a Shavasana, relax, activate the energy flow, listen and follow Valentin's recorded directions.

As a daily practice to unpack and work out negative programs 20-40 minutes a day at the same time.
Activate just before sleep using Valentin's auto-genic training.
Attunement takes place online, in groups, scheduled and confirmed in advance. Find out more details from our managers.

Valentin Voronin
Balances and harmonizes the whole entire system,cleanses, and gets rid of energy informal damages, which brings human organism to a healthy and balanced state.
Teaches seminars, courses and how to independently work with your energy body.
Travels the world and holds retreats in places of power.
Determines and diagnoses the state of the chakral system, presence of negative channels and programs.
Master of Psychology.
Practicing Master-Teacher since 2006.
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